Survey Results: Story Memorable


  1. WordPress surveys SUCK.
    Votes are not persisted per session/IP cookie. Lame!
  2. Most folks who visited did NOT vote.
    (9 of those votes below were mine).
  3. None of the 8 folks who actually voted thought dialog or setting was memorable (all 6 below are me).

It’s clear that anyone who “liked” but didn’t vote did-not-visit. How could you see this page and NOT vote? So, they obviously didn’t visit.

A survey, however, is a good way to determine who “drive-by” likes from some UI that doesn’t present the page (Reader or phone app).

14 thoughts on “Survey Results: Story Memorable

  1. A third option that you neglected to factor into your conclusion is that someone (me) may have read the initial survey post, realized he only read 2 of the 6 books listed and didn’t even have very strong opinions about those two titles and thus opted not to participate in the survey though he may very well have liked the idea behind the survey. Kinda throws a wrench into statistical analysis, eh?

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    1. I almost didn’t vote ’cause I thought: “What’s the point?” and “who cares?” But anony is so nice I decide to choose and play along. I added my .02 and got a dime from PH! Amazing shit happens when you throw yourself out there.

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  2. “Likes” are often pressed as a way to promote the other person’s site. They’re driving by but not reading. Useless. Which is why I ignore the amount of likes I get, but really enjoy reading the comments. Phil actually made a good comment about how “Campy” my story is!! “Batman style drug forward 50 years…” something like that. Made me giggle. (I use the word giggle intentionally, not laugh, because it syncs up with the Gay guy/School yard bully metaphor a bit better…) OK. Now I laughed!

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