Writer’s Log: 2336 a lull

SepSceneWriMo was a success. And rather entertaining, aside from the heart attack, cough, cough.

And then in October a few stories dribbled forth, gonorrhea of the mind.

And now November and the unpleasantness that has first bludgeoned and then strangulated the country. Yuck!

Not to mention this new job and the fact that I’m like, “uhhhh, I fergetted how ta progrum. Cain you hep me figgur out what the hell this’um means?”

use std::thread;
use std::time::Duration;
fn simulated_expensive_calculation(intensity: u32) -> u32 {
    let expensive_closure = |num| { 
        println!("calculating slowly..."); 

But, what about writing? Well, my Indonesian artist friend emailed me, distraught. It seemed he was at wits-end regarding some life decision. “Moi? You want to know /my/ opinion? Well, sure.” Turns out he’d applied for a job at the Ministry of Communication (5000 applicants, 500 jobs) and was in financial straights without it. So, I sent him some money (to have him draw some illustrations for a novel I’ll prolly never finish) and waited.

He created a nice picture and informed me he’d gotten the job. Whew, was he happy. Now I’ve got to buckle down and get back writing on this followup novel of mine.

Veren the trickster after he duped some ruffians in flooded Reno, Nevada. (He’s got dreadlocks and is pretty much an urchin/orphan.)

27 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: 2336 a lull

    1. Yeah, his images are not representative of the artist’s personality or flair, something I’ve tried to get him to impart, but to no avail. They’re comic book style, but, they fit the age group.

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      1. That’s okay. My favorite long time personal friend and multi-media partner graphic artist has returned to his late LSD period with no sign of returning to anything that doesn’t look like downtown Tokyo neon while spinning just before you fall down.

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            1. Draft2digital.com & thebookpatch.com & smashwords.com all allowed me to publish for free.
              Thebookpatch.com is a POD, print on demand, and you can get hard copies that cost ~$10 there (300-400 pages).
              Draft2digital.com will send ebook formats up to all the major channels like amazon:
              And smashwords allows me to offer ebooks for free, (I’m not in it for the $.)

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        1. The strangest thing about NaNo is that it’s this fake contest that you can “win” (with only yourself as the judge and jury).
          I don’t quite know who benefits from this bizarre phenomena. Surely not the Lit Agents who, I’m sure, despise all the schlock they receive come January. No, it was started by some writer’s app marketing numbskull.

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          1. Like any number of “non profit” operations they pass the hat/tin cup, sell swag, offer “upgrade” services. Via the internet I am acquainted with this guy who has over a dozen “books” in the can. I wondered why some publisher didn’t pick him up for points until I tried to read one. Claims to have an editor. Who sticks semi colons in dialogue tags! He’s doing nano. What ami doing for nano? Putting a short story book together and trying to re write the Kerrigan Bank Robbery with about five fewer stand in characters and get to the point. Which I would if the point would expose itself.

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            1. The point is that Paro and the Chica are star-crossed and know it, and one of them will have to mortally sacrifice themselves for the other. It’s a Texan Romeo/Juliet with the Montagues and Capulets, the CIA & the Cartel thinking they’re calling the shots.

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