And the village was saved

The pall has lifted.
The ugly shroud of Orangina has peel away.
The sword of rationality has pierced the hideous beast and left it golfing in denial.

About Damn Time!

I’m reminded of the lyrics from a Jim Stafford song, one I memorized as a teenager.
Here are the pertinent parts:
One day brought the rain and the rain stayed on
And the swamp water overflowed
Skeeters and the fever grabbed the town like a fist
(The swam overflowed indeed! Fully of criminals hired by Drumpf)

There came an unseen caller on a town where hope run dry

And the whole town took a sip
(of sanity)

Fever went away and the very next day the skies again were blue
(As well as the rest of the country. Yay, Democracy!)

Said don’t come lookin’ again.
(Oh, they will. The Rabid-Right can’t help itself.)

Yay Us! Mudge, @fifteencurmudgeon, you get to keep on livin’, aren’t you happy? Jesse, give the team a woof!

36 thoughts on “And the village was saved

  1. The fight for all human rights is an endless battle, but with each battle won, with each step forward, we can breathe a little and take a moment to enjoy the victory won, and then move on to continue the fight for justice for all.

    If one want to help win the two Senate seats in Georgia ACTBLUE is ready to take donations.

    Preface written by Victor Hugo for his novel Les Miserables written as Hauteville House, 1862.

    “So long as there shall exist, by reason of law and custom, a social condemnation, which, in the face of civilization, artificially creates hells on earth, and complicates a destiny that is divine, with human fatality; so long as the three problems of the age – the degradation of man by poverty, the ruin of woman by starvation, and the dwarfing of childhood by physical and spiritual night – are not solved; so long as, in certain regions, social asphyxia shall be possible; in order words, and from a yet more extended point of view, so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, books like this cannot be useless.”

    I am ready for the book you are destined to write.

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  2. In this case I agree with PH. The psychology that created Trump will only vote someone in next time who is more competent, and will stay longer than 1 term, longer than 2 terms perhaps. We came close to losing our democracy this time…next time perhaps we will lose it. So…I thought I’d share this article for those of you still wondering “Why? How? WTF?”

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    1. Azarian’s video (just watched) helped further explain this irreconcilable trend. The problem, noted toward the end of the video: requires that those who we want to educate to accept an encompassing world view would have to accept the established facts to the threats. Not gonna happen.
      Thanks again George F. Watching the whole video is helpful. Unfortunately, the solution to ameliorating the division appears to be an impossibility.

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        1. The man’s a handsy creeper. I’d like a career politician that wasn’t a pervert, I could learn to tolerate their voice. These are the people who run our country, not movie stars or televangelists. Just sayin’.


  3. The positions that will be filled that will set this administration on the good road:

    Secretary of State
    Secretary of the Treasury
    Secretary of Defense
    Attorney General
    Secretary of the Interior
    Secretary of Agriculture
    Secretary of Commerce
    Secretary of Labor
    Secretary of Health and Human Services
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
    Secretary of Transportation
    Secretary of Energy
    Secretary of Education
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs
    Secretary of Homeland Security
    Trade Representative
    Director of National Intelligence
    Office of Management and Budget
    Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
    Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
    Administrator of the Small Business Administration


    1. Give me a history lesson because I am ignorant. Can you describe an administration in history that set our country “on the good road”? I know you think religion is stupid but my goodness, don’t put any faith in men, either.

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      1. And if women were to be honored to take up any and all of those positions, the country would prosper like no other.
        Men in power fail in humility, the key ingredient to proper husbandry (oddly enough), knowing (and admitting) you do not know.
        The Obama presidency, though flawed, came closest to the ideal. I suspect, until we get a woman in the office, we will continue to suffer at the hands of corporations, the bane of our current civilization.

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        1. I don’t have enough knowledge to judge what is “ideal.” All I know is, life goes on, the little guy gets screwed, the top dogs get rich. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.. Oh god not like my boss I hope! 😱😱😱 More women in power–meh. We are just as bad as men, we just use different weapons. All are interchangeable as far as I’m concerned.

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          1. Here’s some history. Go back to Lyndon’s Great Society that ambled into less than mediocrity. Check out the Republican’s Contract With America in 98 including term limits, that failed to launch. Big talk, big ideas, career politicians = stagnation. I’ll believe in Elizabeth Warren as a the best thing to happen to Treasury when Mole hands her his wallet to hold while he goes into a Mexican whorehouse. As for your gender in charge and general take on the state of things, 👍

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  4. Hi A. Mole,

    Thanks for this post. The scummy dirt bag is about out of the house. Pinche Trump my buttons say and here is a song for you. Give it a chance. Thanks. Duke

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  5. Alas. Obviously no one has learned anything from this entire election cycle. Name calling from one side is somehow more intellectually elevated than the other? Perpetuating bad behavior is not change.

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    1. If he/they deserved anything more then they should have proved it. 70 million insane people voted for that heinous creep. I can’t reconcile it anymore than say they are insane. Or, as I’ve mentioned before, the bottom half of the standard IQ curve.

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      1. Or perhaps like the media and the politicians and the total lack of any platform aside from reciprocal vitriol you are completely out of touch with “America.” The fact that the man is a complete asshole and still ran a close race, that the Blue Wave wasn’t, should tell you something. If we take all the personalities out of it what are we left with? What was being voted for? Yeah. Think about that, not the rude boy. Where will we all be now, split down the middle without someone to hate? Bad habits are hard to break. As much as you hate the man, look at all the wonderful things you allowed him to teach you.

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        1. It’s true that I cannot reconcile the division. Not all of it at least. The portion who incongruously selected him despite the obvious rise in infections and death in their states, I’m baffled. Additionally, any military or military families who voted his way, after his declarations of contempt, again, I’m stunned.
          I can accept the few intelligent ones who benefited from Drumpf’s $B grifting, my own father among them. And I acknowledge those racists, misogynists, and anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic would want to choose him. And all those fooled by his chummy nature, despite his statements of disgust at those he finds lesser-than, I can accept as being too foolish not to fall for his duplicity.
          Still 70 million is such a large number that, I’ll have to research more into the why of it to understand how it could have happened.


          1. First eliminate your preconceptions. Then read the agendas and platforms of the people who won, none of which were posited during the “campaign”. Both parties operated on fear trendspeak and bullshit factology. If you truly believe dead people are the fault of one man, good luck. This is a global pandemic, worse in other parts of the world than here. The issue isn’t Trump, it’s selfish people at large. The trio of men who don’t watch the news in any language barging maskless into the auto parts store. It’s the international bus stop that truck stops have become where maybe 30% had on masks. Episodes in two states with masks mandated and signs on the door “must wear face covering to enter.” If they were legal you think they voted for Trump? Big picture time. Your original response was right in there with reactives from either side. Bigoted, intolerant, imperious, arrogant. Not over a craft or skill, but of your fellow countrymen. It’s about time we all started listening beyond the hot buttons and driven by reactionary rhetoric from the media and stopped the separatist myths.

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        1. Same here. He’s too militant for my taste, but hopefully the progressive people he surrounded himself with will open his eyes. Not sure if 4 years will be enough to undo every bad thing that was done during Trump but it’s worth a try.

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