More pics from my artist friend

Had to share, especially the raid…

The story, as I’ve mentioned, is a continuation of my first novel. It’s called Red into the Sea, (the first was called Blue across the Sea). And yeah, in my delusional euphoria after finishing the first book I planed a whole color scheme series… Silly me.

This is Simon who holds a dying Emily. Due to her death, and the circumstances, he gets twisted with revenge and becomes “Synoc” leader of the Reno Reds.

Later, Synoc and his band of brigands raid, murder and burn the town of Cordero, their goal to steal child slaves.

22 thoughts on “More pics from my artist friend

  1. Nice to see more of the art. I think the art is quite well done. I am looking forward to reading your next update on the Red. I hope that in the end the two sides will be able to keep from destroying each other. Maybe they need nukes or some equally destructive weaponry. If they had nukes or an equivalently destructive weapon the power of MAD – mutual assured destruction – can be a pretty strong deterrent to war as Russia and the United States has shown. Just like me, searching for a happy ending. If not weaponry, maybe an outside force will threaten the existing of both the Red and Blue and like the old science fiction movies this will allow the other players to unit against their existential enemy/enemies. Why must we so easily choose war?

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  2. I dig art. Line art, color art. Computer art. I’ve worked with some badasses. But in this context, maybe I just don’t have the authorial fantasy, got a screw loose or something. Since I’ve said it a hundred times I’ll lay off the content before cover reveal speech because it’s obvious nobody is listening. The Look mom! My Album! syndrome. Anybody remember Aldo Nova? No? He had a great hair farmer cover, though. An analogy an editor once gave me is one we can all stand to hear – Write a good book (or song), wrap it in a used Jack in the Box bag, it’s still a good book (or song). Lipstick on a pig will always be lipstick on a pig.

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    1. “Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life?”
      Hell, writing, pictures? Nobody cares. None of this will ever make a difference in anybody’s life.
      The content under this was already written. Couple 20k words, just got to stop programming in Rust and write some fiction.

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  3. Hi A. Mole,

    The drawing of the Raid on Cordero looks like what the Republicans say happened at the Philadelphia vote tabulation center where the election was stolen by the rampaging Democratic gang. Duke

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