Dear Mole: Bon Anniversaire!

Whether we employ philosophy, humor or barbaric yawps of self-righteous indignation, it’s all just noise. Distraction. A source of temporary comfort, perhaps, but pragmatically impotent. That’s just fine with me. In fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you know of a better way to pass the time amidst this vast American Confederacy of Dunces, I’m all ears.

Covid has ensured that Thanksgiving is a wash this year, which is also just fine with me.

So here’s a little Christmas cheer instead:

Fa La La La La,


12 thoughts on “Dear Mole: Bon Anniversaire!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mole. I know you’ve had a heart attack, Rust is kicking your ass, you’re still doing your own writing…but did you exit my theatre? The play is proceeding without you and I don’t see you in the audience. Maybe you just stepped out for lunch. The intermission lasted way too long. Just curious.


  2. A better way? Martin Luther ate a spoonful of his own shit every day, started a handful of religions enjoyed down through the ages by millions. Even today. Maybe it’s an answer. Or maybe all we need is a weighted heating pad, a dry herb vape and a grown woman who still likes waterbeds. I vote that way. We get fed enough shit as it is.

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      1. I think in many other religions the shit is of the philosophical and/or doctrinal variety, not in the very literal sense of the “word.” One could adopt “And the ‘word’ was shit” in a euphemistic way rather than as a breakfast staple.

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    1. Ha! I’m a little torn about what’s going on right now. On the one hand, it’s infuriating that the entire Republican party is aiding and abetting treason. On the other hand, watching Orangina sulk and mope while his lunatic of a lawyer rants at reporters with hair dye running down his face is more fun than should be legal. So I guess politics are a wash, too. Happy Easter?

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  3. My favorite Bob’s BB was at Halloween some years ago, nothing was going right. Linda, the mother, said “Why don’t we just cancel Halloween?”
    Louise says, totally dead pan, back to her mother, “Shut your damn mouth.”

    Fellow blogger Brian has planned a funeral, where he can invite up to 30 people, for his pet turkey… Refreshments provided. Condolences gifts accepted at the door.

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    1. That was one of Louise’s finest moments. I like the Thanksgiving episode where Bob is sulking at home because the family went out to some Turkey Run instead of staying in for dinner. The hilarity begins with Bob addressing his music collection and a glass of whiskey simultaneously: “Hey, daytime whiskey, wanna meet my CD collection?” He then proceeds to dance around the apartment singing Donna Summer’s “Dim All The Lights” in a ridiculous drunken falsetto.

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