Pirates of the Southern Cross

Let’s try that again…

Here’s another captivating scene/story from D. Roe Shocky’s hundreds of posts.
I’m boost-posting this as I’m a fan, think others should be fans too and the fact that I’m still brain-slammed by Rust, Angular and Lambdas.

Go check out more of his work.

Warmup Pages

Nerissa was hungry; a state not unfamiliar to her. Hunger in perpetuity. It was a lifestyle choice—came with the whole space pirate thing. She wanted to eat, sure, but she was hungry for more than food.

Everyone knows space is mostly empty, knows it logically, but most everyone doesn’t know know it like Nerissa does. It’s not just empty; it’s totally and completely bone-crushingly emp-fucking-ty. It was as if after God made the Earth She decided it was way too much work and gave up on the whole rest of the universe. Leave it empty, go get high for a hundred billion years and maybe try again. Or maybe don’t.

Nerissa’s little black ship, the Lasciate Ogne Speranza, hung cold and motionless in the darkness of the nebula like picked-over carrion. Twenty-sixth century piracy relied on the treasure coming to you, not the other way around. It was a…

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4 thoughts on “Pirates of the Southern Cross

  1. Not being a sci-fi fan, but reading this as a redressed bank robbery caper, I see where it’s entertaining, and damn clean. But for a drop in read it’s got a hole there in the assumptive effect of the cyberwarfare suite doing ‘what, exactly’ to bring the cruiser to a stop. Firing it up is enough? Readers first. Rendering the cruiser’s controls useless, taking control of the cruiser’s controls, a short compound sentence (which he does well) in the firing up and taking over, maybe some techy pirate salvo talk. One sentence takes it out of character. Even Errol Flynn wouldn’t say gang. Nancy Drew might. But that’s good stuff. I’ll have to read more of it.
    You like it because three words in there’s fucking ; 🤣

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      1. Nah, you like the semi colons. They are short and punchy. He needs to pay attention to his word choices. He vacillates between Andy Hardy-isms and Tom Clancy-isms. I like the idea of the female pirate, though. All for that.

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