16 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: 2340, a quick missive

  1. “The two breathing are over there.” The ME pointed to two bundles of blankets. “Teenagers. I make the boy fourteen, fifteen. The girl twelve or thirteen.”
    Lenny toed the half zipped body bag. “Who’s this?”
    “No ID. Two .22 close range in the temple says his prints’re in the system.”
    “Let’s hope.” Lenny scanned the beach, found it devoid of anything but official vehicles. “How’d the kids get here?”
    “Uniforms found ’em washed up when they came to check on the body.”
    “Washed up?”
    “Like human garbage. Both’re pretty beat up. Male’s got a broken leg. So far they got nothing to say.” The ME waved the EMS past the meat wagon toward the blanket bundles. “One question’s already answered.”
    “Yeah,” Lenny lifted his overcoat collar, tugged at his gloves. “Nobody decides to swim the Hudson this time of year with a broken leg.”

    DUUUUNNNNHHHHH! Doodle eedle doodle eedle doooooo…

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        1. I added the kids and the bad lines. I did a co-op where the washed ashore was a 100 year old very angry revenge bound ghost. I was simply joining the party since I don’t do editorial commentary these days.

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