14 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: 2344 must try harder

  1. You do a really good with using the sensory stuff to set the scene. I also like the more authorial narration (? if that’s the right word) switch after the break bc I think it helps contain the dialogue and action. If I may offer a little feedback I would say don’t go too much further with dialect. (The narrative thing I mentioned helps tame it.)

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    1. Thanks. And, yeah, getting blowback on the colloquialisms. The idea is to introduce some of it, then later tone it down assuming readers “know” that the character now speak in vernacular.

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  2. When I opened this post yesterday, you linked to your other blog. By the time I got back to this (today), I see you figured it out. I’m glad because I was going to say that if you can’t, then we are all doomed.
    I like the way you insert those. Looks kinda cool.

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  3. Here’s something a little more detailed than my recent vague compliment of “well, I enjoy reading your stories, Mole”. You create characters that have experiences very unlike any you have ever had yourself and you don’t shy away from extensive dialogue. That’s a skill. When I’m writing a dialogue-heavy story, I feel the need to ensure that I can at least relate to the characters from some experiential level. In other words, they usually speak a lot like me. That’s a cop-out you never employ.

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    1. Thanks, ‘Mudge.
      I’ll admit that I’m attempting to invest a bit more effort into the characterization of the players, including their dialog and mannerisms.
      And with this one, I’m wondering if I can take an antagonist and endear him to readers, just a bit.
      But mostly I’m just riffing here — no idea where this is going.

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  4. The other thing you can do is put a title into the block editor, save the draft, then go to All Posts, find it and click on Classic Editor. Then carry on as usual. An easy way to bypass that ridiculous block editor.

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    1. It’s the embedded IFrame that’s been failing me. But I think I figured out why. I’ve been foolishly trying to embed another WP post rather than embed a GDocs post — which I’d done successfully before. I’ll prolly do that to these two so that I don’t have copies floating around.

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      1. Thanks. Yeah’s that’s useful (and I’ve been using that mode since this silly change occurred). What I was trying to do was not allowed – embed another WP post in an IFRAME. Choke-O.
        But, this was my mistake. I’d never actually tried this. What I had done — and it still works as evidenced here — is embed as an IFRAME my GDocs documents.


        1. The embed stuff works better/more functional in the paid versions. Things like SoundCloud with graphics, scalable vid players, personal not web content. Which is still web if it’s in your media collection but not as far as WP is concerned. The fact that they opened up free collage and slide show capability surprised me, particularly as home and menu pages. But then there’s all that brand building work that has nothing to do with the tasks at hand.

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