16 thoughts on “Sunlight Burns a Frosty Edge

  1. Yes, we are all finding where we are going as we journey through this intriguing and often mysterious and exasperating experience of our lives with their startling ups and downs, confusions and mysteries, goodness and unbearable evils. Such is the human experience, and therein lies our need to hear stories that allow us to ponder on our own strange and mysterious lives that we all find ourselves living in. I was once told that what I liked were soap operas – well if reading stories of folks fighting to experience a meaningful and productive destiny is a soap opera, then yeah I am drawn to stories of individuals who are trapped in the comic tragic day to day of living as best one can through each and every challenge that comes one’s way. Therein always lives the stories that matter.

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    1. We’ve been watching “Atypical” on Netflix. We binged it and found it engaging. It’s a soapy kind of story, but cleverly told and acted.

      I wonder, do space operas count? Although I don’t read them anymore, I did at one time. I recall, when in my twenties, a creative writing teacher express dismay when I said I wanted to write sci-fi. I know now that sci-fi/fantasy is is just people stories told in exotic environments. Love/hate, betrayal/honor all portrayed on another planet or with magic as decoration.


  2. I definitely misinterpreted the opening paragraph when I first read it. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

    Have you already planned this out and are further along with it or are you sort of discovering as you go along?

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  3. Ah, this keeps getting better the further you go. The characterizations are excellent and now I’m intrigued by so many aspects, especially who the Dame’s sister might be and how they’ll evade Fallon and his gang!

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    1. I’m trying to remember the last time I felt anticipation in reading a story. I recall, years ago, slipping into bed, reaching over and plucking that pocket book off my nightstand table. “Ooh, delicious, and shivery all at once.”

      I’d pay money to experience that feeling again.

      These missives of mine no doubt pale in the glow of those ancient stories. But, with luck and perseverance, someday they may bring an anticipatory smile to someone folding their knees beneath their own sheets.

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