Heads down, grinding away at Rust

A quick update: I’ll be heads down, brain elsewhere for another month, at least. Here’s a diagram I whipped together that illustrates a tiny piece of the puzzle we’re trying to work on. SLA = Service Level Agreement. The names of these “things” are nothing you’ve probably run into, but they’re substantial parts of my coding universe now.

25 thoughts on “Heads down, grinding away at Rust

  1. I’m with Sam. The order entry page shouldn’t advance with bad or missing data. The old school insurance company data input would trudge on ahead with bad data. Now, if the post office ping doesn’t add up or a generic model VIN is used it will stall until it’s happy. No vendor code? No order. No supplier code? No order. Dyslexic order entry clerk? Stall. It should also be smart enough that if the qty is outside of history a verification is triggered. I can’t tell you how many times something stupid like 12 mic stands turning into 12 dozen mic stands because the sales coordinator just had her nails done.

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    1. All the red was my way of pointing out that this multi-step order update is fraught. And that we should be allowed to use an atomic transaction to hit the mongodb directly. Eliminate all but one of the failure states.
      We’ll see what they say.
      Failure must be expected. Contingency wrapped in retries with alarms when the thing throws up its hands is the goal.

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    1. What? Really? Am I gonna have to go look that word up? All I’ve ever heard of it was this javascript database.
      Oh, you had me going there for a minute. (It’s got quite the varied etymological history.)

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