Clubbed — a card game

Roughly ten years ago, my daughter and I came up with a new card game. We were into table games and exploring various card games at the time. A few years later we decided to submit the game to a site that collected such things. Years later, they finally posted the game and referenced us in the notes. Years after that, a few months ago, in fact, Mark (referenced below) contacted me, had found the game and wanted to produce a video. This is his excellent effort.

Strange how things you post online catch up with you sometimes.



17 thoughts on “Clubbed — a card game

  1. Nice. It reminds me of the hours my youngest son and I played the Pokemon card game and of my oldest son wining the first of the electronic games way back in the 1970’s that he won in the very first Boogie board competition ever held. The oldest turns fifty this year.My youngest is 29. How the time flies. Go forth and conquer in the game of life. It is never too late until it is.

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    1. The fellow, Mark, who made the video, is drumming up some other game ideas, one using a card deck called Rook. Apparently, Christians didn’t want to use the “gambling” 52 card deck so Parker Bros’ (?) created a 56 card deck with one extra card, called The Rook.
      He asked for new & novel games for that deck. I dreamed up another game today, called Castles. We’ll see what he does with it. If he likes it, I’ll prolly post it somewhere for discovery.
      Cool that family games bring back memories.


  2. Congratulations, Mole.

    My dad used to develop board games.

    Sadly he wasn’t able to market them.

    Parker Brothers was going to buy and market a board game he made based on the boardgame found inside the tomb of an ancient Assyrian queen in Iraq but sadly Parker Brothers backed out at the last minute.

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