Dear Mole: Media Is Not In Our DNA

I officially “moved in” to my new place on March 28. At the time, I figured that at worst, I had about 3 days of being beholden to my antiquated DVD collection before the DirecTV installer showed up on the first of April.

He never showed up. As soon as the 9 to 5 window had expired, I called DirecTV and was informed that the driver “couldn’t find” my place but apparently hadn’t bothered to call me for directions. So I heard myself do something of which I didn’t think myself capable: I told them to go fuck themselves.

I spent the next 3 weeks essentially TV-free. Sure, once in a while I would throw on an episode of the Trailer Park Boys or Bob’s Burgers to watch while I ate dinner, but I was pretty much left to my own devices when it came to entertaining myself.

Last weekend, I picked up a Roku TV and now I have Hulu and Amazon Prime and all sorts of shit I never had before. Problem solved.

But was it really a problem that deserved a solution?

My point is that despite what I would have predicted, the psychological effect of a sudden pulling of the TV plug after years of constant consumption really wasn’t all that significant. My brain simply looked elsewhere for occupation. There’s plenty of wildlife up here, not to mention foliage the likes of which I’ve never seen before. Oh, and one hell of a great local cannabis dispensary within half a mile of my home.

We feel beholden to media consumption because we’re told that we are by the very media that we consume.

Old movies have something of the taste of the familiarity of an old friend. We know the dialogue inside and out and there’s no chance of being unpleasantly surprised by the outcome. But of course, old friends are better than old movies for the simple fact that they’re not static. Surprises are assured. And even when those surprises are unpleasant or contrary to the image of that friend we’d cultivated in our minds, they still contribute to the vitality of life while re-watching old films does quite the opposite. That’s not to say that I won’t re-watch my favorites many more times before I slip off this mortal coil — it’s just to say that when I’m engaged in such an activity, it has about the same effect on my life as a good nap.

But one good thing came of my 3 weeks of nothing but DVD fare on my TV: Letterkenny introduced me to yet another kick-ass band called The Tune-Yards. Check ’em out:

Oh yeah, if you haven’t yet watched The Goldbergs, do so immediately. Thanks, Hulu!



18 thoughts on “Dear Mole: Media Is Not In Our DNA

  1. A cross between Geddy Lee, Pat Benatar and Little Feat:

    Tragic Kingdom (skip to the last song, WP may not honor the t part of the youtube url).

    I heard this through Pandora — random playlist, thought of you.

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  2. We hardly watch any TV now, and never had cable TV. Instead, the Offspring and I both play MMOs which allow us to play games and chat to other players at the same time. That said, we both go through withdrawal symptoms if/when the internet goes down so you have my sympathy. But what is ROKU TV?

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  3. I was going to keep shut on this but couldn’t. Older guy. Philosophical thinker. Solo. Trailer in the woods. Addicted to youth culture, even if historical, even if derivative. All you need is duct tape and cable ties in your car and you’re an FBI profile with a heartbeat. I do like new music, just to see what kids are up to these days. Which seems to be impersonating the Flaming Lips and Tame Impala of 10 years ago with no budget and desktop video editing and limited imaginations.

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      1. In an era where last Friday is forgotten, 8 years is forty three lifetimes. But here’s a hoot about staying power, two people who are in the history books talking about the biz about the time of TI’s debut… Big Wheel Keep on Toinin’ you know?

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  4. The really good old movies only improve over time (probably because of all the new movies that are not well written and just blow up a bunch of cars and jiggle a lot of fannies in your face!)

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