Writer’s Log: 2350

  • February: Crawled out of my cave, looked around and crawled right back in.
  • March: Bah!
  • April: Still nope.
  • May: Fingers itching, must be vaccine side-effects.
  • June: Fuck me. Alright, alright, just quit squeezing my frontal lobe.

[Back cover blurb]

A-Nihilists: Tribe of Annihil-Nation

Members of a growing anti-society movement continue to expand their attacks against anyone and everyone. If you believe in anything, God, morals, society, human rights, animals rights, Save-the-Planet, free school lunches — you are a target. A-Nihilists are here to destroy you and everything you believe in. They live solely to convince you of the absurdity of existence.

Kamus joined at fifteen. His first act involved the explosive destruction of an I-15 bridge that spanned the Virgin River in St. George, Utah. It didn’t go well. He and his partners underestimated the concussive power of one-hundred pounds of ANFO (ammonium nitrate & fuel oil). But mostly, it was the too-short fuse Kam had used on the M-80 that detonated the makeshift dynamite.

Mistakes are often the best teachers. That is, if you can survive them.

Years later, that first lesson became a seed of doubt.

“If my purpose is showing you your purpose is bullshit…”

15 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: 2350

  1. Ah, yes. I’ve been in this struggle myself.
    “I want to write!”
    “Ok, so do it.”
    “But I have work and stuff and I’m tired.”
    “So rest!”
    “But I wanna write.”
    Or something like that.

    The blurb was intriguing. But from the very start, I wanted to ask: “If they hunt down anyone who believes in anything, wouldn’t they hunt themselves?”

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  2. “It has some word play and may represent a future novel.” That gives me something to look forward to.
    And this: “If my purpose is showing you your purpose is bullshit…” Yeah. I can demonstrate that your purpose is complete bullshit: problem is, I can’t replace your purpose with anything more meaningful. Pull on that thread..

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    1. So, there are “annihilists” and “nihilists” which are related but different. One is proactive, I’d say, while the other is passive. But the end state both assume is the same.

      The intent of my word play “A-nihilist” is rather like “Atheist”, but flipped on its head.

      And of course there’s the MC, Kamus, who might be difficult to get away with, given the too obvious reference.

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  3. It’s nice to see an update from you. I was afraid the old Rustbucket coding or whatever it is did you in. Is this a real blurb? I see a lot of threads of possibility here to make people really think.

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  4. Then what? What comes of all this effort? Does it matter. Well, that depends on one’s view. If it matters to you it is likely to matter to others of a similar nature and not so to others. What the others might think is up to them. . It is what we think that matter that make it matter to us and the like minded. If you help someone in some way then it matters. I sent you an email on a piece of writing by James Baldwin he wrote nearly 60 years ago and it clicked with me and gave me chills and wonder at such a talent to paint such powerful descriptive narrative. Hope all is well with you and the family.

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