18 thoughts on “Global Warming is not a thing

  1. Ten thousand years ago, a thousand years ago, thirty years ago, today, tomorrow, ten years from now, a thousand years from now, ten thousand years from now, people have, are, and will be saying the world is ending. In the mean time, those living their lives drinking iced tea by their pools.

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    1. And in a billion years or so, the Sun will expand and swallow the inner planets.
      Anthropogentic Global Warming is real, but who cares? Certainly not the Chinese or Indians or most Americans. Bring on the heat, time to cook the shit out of the human race. Long Live the Holocene.


  2. Heat is good for you, provided you have enough water. Unfortunately, the world is polluting its free water sources with abandon and going down the wrong road. Canada, where I live, has tons of free-running rivers, and the United States wants to divert some of these for its own uses. I’m sure we’ll sell out in the end.

    — Catxman


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          1. I can’t even fathom that temperature. It’s really hot here but nowhere near that. I have no a/c in my bedroom and I got so overheated during the night that I barfed when I got up. I can’t imagine what condition people who can’t get relief are in.

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  3. Strange weather patterns have shown themselves for eons. With or without our help. The planet gets tired of us, we’re gone. As for the heat, I realize not everyone is set up for it. But I didn’t hear anyone playing the world’s smallest violin when Texas froze all the way to the Gulf Coast. So here I am, playing it for all of you “used to living in weather like a shopping mall except when it rains” types from Nor Cal to BC. Somehow, probably with the help of ancient aliens and magic technology, people have managed to live in the desert southwest for thousands of years.

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    1. Yeah, yeah. If it’s not frozen Texans it’s crispy Oregonians. Every 1000 years shit like this is bound to happen. If it happens again next year, though…
      I’ve personally, aside from voluntary self-immolation in a sauna, never felt 111F outside before. It’s great for drying out those little marshmallows though — makes ’em crunchy.

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  4. At 1:10 AM this morning the inside temperature in my home was higher then it was outside. Inside it was 92 degrees while outside it had dropped to 88 degrees. For some reason I can’t seem to sleep. And I live in the normally mild climate of Portland Oregon. Once it gets to 130 degrees or more anyone living without high end cooling are toast, literally they will be toasted. Maybe we should move a bit faster on the climate.

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    1. Hey Mike. Oy! what a night. A wet cloth and a fan is the only way I can sleep. Thankfully phase-changing water is such a good way to cool down.
      And yeah, it’s the lack of nighttime cooling that’s the killer. Without our 70F overnights we start the day one foot in the cauldron.


    1. Portland is trying to provide respite to those who have no recourse. There are thousands though who will suffer.
      We treat air conditioning like a right. Places like FL and TX and AZ all live from AC home to AC car to AC store/business. The rest of the world? Heat exhaustion emigration is becoming a thing.

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