Dear Mudge: Hot Ones

Hey Mudge,

I know you enjoy television style production and so I just wanted to share a couple of YouTube videos that were some of the best, I thought, in honest television production. I include EweToob as a TV platform because, come on, it’s passively watching some production video, right? And… I watch it on my damn TV.

The first one, which I just finished watching, is Elijah Wood who does such an incredible job as a guest that my respect for the man and his history shot up a hundred fold, at least.

The next is the same show, but with Matt Damon, who is just as polite and gracious. Kudos to both of these fellows.



9 thoughts on “Dear Mudge: Hot Ones

  1. Our daughter recently bought all those sauces from the show online and we had her boyfriend and the neighbours across the street over for the hot sauce challenge. I made it to number 4. The guy from across the street got to 10 but he was sweating and red. After 7, both Kate and her boyfriend were at the sink, taking turns running tap water over their tongues. It was hilarious!

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  2. When I was a kid, my parents would invite Australians over for dinner [we’re Hungarian, right?]. And with the meat course Dad would bring out the pickled peppers. Hot pickled peppers. I’d cringe, knowing what came next. Sorry but I felt the same way just listening to the intro with Elijah Wood. 😦

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    1. Birds have no sensitivity to capsaicin, only mammals. I recall roasting a whole bushel of not too hot poblanos. Peeling them and freezing them. Unbeknownst to me, the few with heat leaked their alkaloids into my fingers and nailbeds. My hands ached into the next day.

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    1. What Wood said about the spice screwing with your ability to focus… I could never get past the intense pain. I had a bottle of Death. I could stick a toothpick into it, a quarter inch, and taste that — plenty of wow for me.

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  3. Went to a pepper fest a couple of times. There’s some heat out there. I met the marketing person for a company that produces a sizable chunk of those pepper products. I used to be amazed by all the different brands, but it turns out “our famous Jone’s Monkey Butt on Fire” hot sauce, only available in Jone’s Heat n Eat in Moose Scrotum, Montana can be purchased under a hundred different names, and you can order your own as personal or corporate swag. I think I still have their card. I made it through some scotch bonnet but there’s some stuff out there, Carolina something, that’s at the top of the heat scale. Screw that. The good thing about peppers is the heat in your mouth can stop a heart attack. As for Hollywood, I want to know where those guys het their hairpieces.

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