The wrong end of a pistol

Out of curiosity, regarding the recent return of the TallyPo in Afghanistan, I went researching (armchair, skip-scanning of articles that matched my topic at-hand—which does not actually qualify as “research”), the treatment of women by the three major Abrahamic Religions.

What I found, anecdotally, made me question why these religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, even exist.

Throughout the ages, these religions pretty much codify the treatment of women as property. Islam being the worst offender. But the other two are just as dismissive of women as equal partners in all aspects of familial and community governance.

Let’s see:

  • The “books” of “God” are all written by men.
  • God is a dude.
  • God created Man and then Woman as an afterthought.
  • Men and Women are both contractually welcome into their associated heavens, not as a generalized people, but specifically as Men or Women.
  • The locations of worship, the synagogues, mosques and churches are generally off limits to women. Women should worship at home.
  • Roles within each religion are segregated and the dominant ones always assigned to men.
  • Women’s roles are always servile where obedience is the “godly” behavior attributed to ascension.

How could 1/2 (or more) of the majority of the population of the planet just put up with such station?

Fuck that.

And now that the women of Afghanistan, who have enjoyed a much expanded set of freedoms (not perfectly equal, but way better) are back under the TallyPo’s oppressive religious regime?

I’ll be awaiting the rise of the Afghan Underground Women’s Rebellion. There’s a shit ton of guns in that country, thank you very much Russia & the United States, and when they fall into the hands of the women whose lives are now once again severely throttled, I suspect the TallyPo will have more to fear from within than from without.

As a white, male, armchair, theoretical tactician I know I should be ignored. I have zero credibility regarding my opinion on such matters. I offer the above as an insubstantial hope that the reversal of women’s fortunes, eventually to the positive, does not demand a sacrifice too dear.

24 thoughts on “The wrong end of a pistol

  1. Creating power hierarchies seems to be hardwired into human DNA. No point being King if you have no one to push around. Women, kids, slaves, pets, they’re all low-hanging fruit because they don’t fight back. By contrast, when men fight each other, there can be unpleasant consequences, such as death. All makes perfect sense.

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  2. “What I found, anecdotally, made me question why these religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, even exist.
    Well, took you long enough to question why religions exist…treatment of women being just one reason to ask the question. Anyway, here you are. And this statement from Hetty needs so much more: “Muhammed walked around covered in semen.” OMG! That visual alone has me rolling in the isles: but I thought Genghis Khan was the one covered in his own fluid…

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  3. Last time I went to church, women were present. They even sat in-between men and children.

    Your intro regarding research and displaying the fact that you don’t take yourself too seriously put a smile on my face.

    Women revolting in Afghanistan? Hmmm… maybe. But, we need to remember that women in various parts of the world are not the same. Women from the US want different things that people from Ghana do. They all have different priorities and beliefs.

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  4. Unpopular take: Despite some notable obstacles and setbacks women today have it better than at any time in memory. People, in general, have it better than at any time in memory. And in this age of information, as we cascade towards greater human enlightenment, people in general and women in particular will have it better and better tomorrow. Still a long way to go but we are evolving.

    That said, women in Afghanistan face a very poor tomorrow, perhaps as poor as the long yesterday. I wish there was something we could do to change that but it will up to the people of Afghanistan to do so. I hope they do. They have my full (armchair) backing.

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    1. I agree with your current assessment of the world at large. I suppose I was reacting at history and the persecution and marginalization of women, well, forever. Men suck.
      The TallyPo are just thugs. Afghani women only need to out-thug them. Unfortunately, for both sides, I think that means TallyPo men must die.

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    1. Nothing can excuse the world’s religions from their systematic suppression of women’s rights.
      What I’m learning about the TallyPo is that it was Russia that engendered this hidious sect of radical Islam, the stupid fucks.

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      1. No, it wasn’t Russia, it was the prophet himself. The Taliban follows his instructions and behaviors to a T. They’re not radical at all. I am studying the quran right now and I can tell you it’s basically a handbook for what to do during times of war. The hadith back all of this up.

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        1. Right. But won’t we always have psycho radicals. Russia set the stage for the rise of hundreds of thousands of strict “student” Islamics. Rather like the US primed the rise of ISIS in Iraq & Syria.

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  5. The Towelyban is back. Why women don’t all wake the fuck up and revolt is beyond me because like the man said – they have all the pussy and access to more than half the money. What’s stopping them. Hey, I wrote a novel with power women and a pair of gay fairy godmothers. My wife has a PhD, my daughter has a JD+ whatever the next one of those is and I’m a simple hippie synthesizer player. I say go, women! Because if they ran shit it would make a lot more sense. Not to us, but we’d be better off not understanding how.

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  6. We are too late, A. Mole. We have passed the apex, heading down, and are at that point along the parabola where the velocity increases in an exponential fashion. Absolutely nothing to be done and someday, you and I will say goodbye over the internet. We have arrived. The sweet girl on the spectrum was the final omen. Duke

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    1. Then I hope the next civilization to arise will focus on “Maya Ache” – Mother Earth. Gaea herself to write the next Text of God. Not that humanity needs one, but it seems a likely and continuous crutch.

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      1. Many “Native American” belief systems were Mother Earth centric. I use the past tense because Peyote-ism and Christianity trianwrecked with the long standing metaphysical components and… well, there’s that.

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            1. “My inkwell is dry,” said ThreeDogsShreddingABible, “go kill a fawn and boil its bile.”
              As mentioned, I’d gladly quit this thankless, pointless, extremely well paying job and write full-time. But, the wife and my dog wouldn’t take it very good.

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