2021 SepSceneWriMo starts tomorrow

The third annual September Scene Writing Month starts tomorrow.

Yeah, I’ve been cheating. So what? Hopefully, though, it hasn’t all been for naught.

I will take a moment and remark on my current efforts thus far: they’ve been mostly about people and their interactions. This is somewhat new for me. Plot, give me more plot, I tell you? Nope, sorry, Sheeves. This time, for whatever reason, I’ve opted for human stories. Some have historical basis, some are personal stories that actually happened to my person.

Some I’ve just not had the wherewithal or energy to polish as is their due. And, as I’ve learned, I’ll prolly never return to these and give them the editing they deserve. Is that sad? I think that might be kinda sad.

So sad in fact that I’ll tell you, I alluded to the ‘Mudge a bit ago, how we aught to get a few of us together and create an anthology of sorts. Themed or not, I don’t think it would matter. But, hell, some of us have gotten better over the years, and perhaps, with concerted effort and critical attention we could hone thirty or so stories into a collection. I don’t know. This is me daydreaming. Maybe next year. Yeah, next year maybe I’ll be good enough to think my stories worthy of publication. (My previous novels sure as hell weren’t.)

Anyway, if you’re participating in SepSceneWrMo, remember to hashtag (#sepscenewrimo) your posts so we can all share and find them on the net.


9 thoughts on “2021 SepSceneWriMo starts tomorrow

          1. Swearing always helps. Keeps me out of a lot of calls for “No shit” submissions and rejections. Sometimes I send them anyway, so someone has to take the time to say “We specifically requested ‘shit’ free documents”.

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  1. I have been reading the giant Black Mask anthology. All an anthology needs is a bunch of disparate works. Trust me. I think my wife the professor has at least 40 Norton and Oxford anthologies not to mention the 50 or so smaller tomes. All we need is content. Throw it in Scrivener, compile it, done. Sepscenewrimo for me is about how bad can I be extemporaneously. Which can be pretty awful.

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