Another day, another software language

So, yeah. Due to my current team’s triumph in getting its shit done (in RUST), I’ve been tasked with getting another team steamed up and chugging along. Only, this new team uses TypeScript. TypeScript is a Microsoft invention that overlays strongly typed variables and objects on top of JavaScript. It’s used, for our purposes, on both the server (Node.js) as well as the front end (Angular/NGRx).

That’s what I’ve been doing — coming up to speed as quickly as possible on this new language and the different ways it’s used to generate AWS (Amazon Web Services) Lambdas (serverless functions).

This new team, five guys dropped into a project with zero comprehension of the bigger picture, had been languishing, essentially leaderless, for months. Well, I ain’t shy when it comes to disturbing the coding peace. I’ve already reframed their work, written all the specs for a half-dozen new services, and, to model the user’s data-flow, built a mock service that mimics what the project will eventually perform when completed. I wrote this over the weekend, last. It’s just a toy, and I present it here as evidence that I have been writing… just not fiction. This, in combination with the 10 functional and technical documents and diagrams written in the last three weeks, well, I’m all Typed(Script) out.

New tab view here.

I went and added it to my github — which it appears I’ve had now for eleven years… Imagine that.


27 thoughts on “Another day, another software language

  1. Anony: Not sure if you remember waaaaayyyy back in my early drafts Paul was commanding people to “stop working. ” Well, when I hit the blog again you’ll see that thread continue…stop working, stop fucking….it’s the only way to save the planet and it’s happening now so I’ve got plenty of real world examples to draw upon…

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  2. In the general scheme of things most effort aside from wrestling with your dog, praising you kids, making a minor positive impact, feeding someone hungry and marveling at nature is a waste of time. Being really good at something you’ll outlive is heartbreaking. Being really good at something that will outlive you is success. Being mediocre and creatively frustrated is the human condition.

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    1. At least now I know what is NOT a waste of time…and I’ve done my fair share on playing with dogs, praising kids, feeding the hungry and marveling at nature. So, in the end….I made a minor positive impact. That’s a positive thought.

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    1. You’d think I’d like doing this… I hate computers. All part of living at the N-x valence level of Nihilistic existence. When I get into it, I can get it done. But when I pull back from it I think, what a waste of fuckin’ time.

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      1. Wow, man…I’d think you’d think of computers as a challenge to conquer…and feel like a conquering hero at the fulfillment of every assignment…but your answer was deeper than I imagined…plumbed right into the very heart of existence itself.

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  3. Can I invest in the billion dollar line of code that you must be working on? I have faith in you, as the christians used to say, right before the Romans unleashed the lions and other animals with big feet. Duke

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  4. I am not even sure about making copies. Maybe I could on a good day. But the odds are slim. I did however manage to finish Anthony Doerr’s Cuckoo book so that is something. I may never be the same after that mind warp through time and space, but it was a wild adventure with little to no risk to my At my age and health challenges that a big plus. I hope all of you enjoy the soon to be here holidays. Take a break, be frivolous,

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  5. I don’t understand a word of it, but it sounds revolutionary. Congratulations on doing this kind of thing. If you can do this a novel should be easy. But what the heck do I know. I can just manage to write an email.

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