Lo, Saturnalia

Just a ditty tossed out amongst the dross of logging activity metrics and channeling error messages into PagerDuty (oh what a bane on society that thing is!)

(Starts like JingleBells…)

Lo, Saturnalia
On Saturnalia go,
Out into the snow,
Take your master’s clothes,
And wear them like your own.

Drag your keg of beer,
To the bonfire burning near,
Lift your mug on high,
and raise your voice in cheer.

Ohhhh, the old year dies,
the new year’s born,
the gods are smiling down.
Saturn on his lofty throne,
is baying like a hound.

The ol’ yule log,
the roasting hog,
the gifts to loved ones dear,
are demonstrated, celebrated
to last throughout the year.

12 thoughts on “Lo, Saturnalia

  1. Uh oh…. this isn’t a good situation…. Mole is fantasizing about good cheer.. I hope it’s on company time. It’s like when I’m getting ready for work and dancing and lipsyncing to Christmas songs using my toothbrush for a microphone. Lets just say that doesn’t mean I’m feeling festive… more like suicidal.

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    1. > “A whoopee cushion doesn’t ask for sympathy, it just makes noise, embarrasses itself, and collapses.”

      Had me laughing for a bit there, Hetty.

      “We’re only as good as our last mistake.”

      Ouch. This reminds me of how we humans recall the bad shit in life far more often than the good shit.
      What gave me pause was I rather enjoy being the martyr. I’ll eagerly stand up and take credit for fucking things up. Heap it on, I say. Why? Cuz’ I don’t really give a shit and frankly, would welcome the chance to get fired.

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      1. Yeeeesssss on the martyr thing. That’s one of the intangible benefits of my crap job that I can get the self-satisfaction of being a martyr WHILE also building up plausible deniability for when I need it.

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