21 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: 2477 – a wintry reflection

  1. Wow…I hope this piece is not one of the pieces your inner Editor dislikes! Seriously, I could see every moment, feel every emotion. And I love Trash.
    You, Sir, write beautifully. Don’t you dare deny it. -glares-

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  2. Hey I really enjoyed this! The philosophizing adds a deeper layer to it that makes you feel the guy’s unraveling, especially in the moments when his robe flaps open in the wind and when he slips and stares at the ceiling. These are the moments that become iconic in a story.

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  3. Your writing produces a steady stream of sadness, rather than dwell in waterfalls of happiness, and the sadness is multiplying. That has readers going back to the beginning of the work, where the emotions — established by your gentle writer’s hand — go to work on changing us, the readers, when our eyes seek out a truth. The only truth out there turns out to be allegorical, a nonchanging surprise, giving us the shivers after all we’ve read. The shivers come and go.

    — Catxman



  4. evidence that a family, my family once lived here. It’s the messes we leave behind that we remember. Was it a delicious meal, a touching conversation? Who remembers? Don’t get me crying now about the friends and family and memories that are passing and will slowly be absorbed back into the void. Did I exist at all?

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    1. It’s the “doing” isn’t it. The doing builds the memories. The “done”? I’m trying not to focus on the outcome so much. Sure I’ll hone the work as best I can. But hopefully I can bend my mind to ignore everything but the doing.

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      1. It is the doing. With the knowledge that the Universe will cease to exist–either through heat death, vacuum death, entropy or collapsing upon itself–I suppose we must constantly ask ourselves what is important and why? Beyond basic survival.

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        1. It’s human hubris to believe we are so special that our lives have to have meaning outside of ourselves. The meaning of all life is simply to live. As humans, we may be forgiven for believing that living /well/ and being the best that we are capable of being is /our/ purpose. Honestly though, the universe doesn’t give a flying fruit bat. 🙂

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  5. This was excellent, Lear-like at times, and the relationship between the main character and Trash was so well-developed. That section about the ceiling really brought home the sense of isolation and loss, but the promise of spring in the air left me feeling a little hopeful for him.

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  6. Wow man! Be the water! (I think Bruce Lee actually said, “be the water…) This is a great piece. A bit deeper than usual…but yeah, if the damn cat can do it, why not you? Us? Out, damn cat, out!

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  7. For a considerable number of stanzas this was Shakespeare in a house coat. What, no fuzzy house shoes and coffee in a bowl? But really, why not go with a Shakespeare vib for the whole piece? You have the frame and the Bobcat is something he would have loved.

    Oh well, forsooth nobody ever takes my unsolicited advice. Duke

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