Medium or Mediocre

Are you medium or just mediocre?

Hi there,

We’re writing today to notify you that the Medium account associated with this email address is at risk of being removed from the Partner Program. As outlined here, Medium has created new eligibility and activity requirements for writers to maintain their enrollment in the Partner Program. If you have fewer than 100 followers you may be removed from the Partner Program.

Gotta love, right?

Hey, you unpopular sod, you SUCK. Crawl into a hole and die. May your carcass feed some coyote and your bones succumb to the teeth of field mice.

Good riddance.

19 thoughts on “Medium or Mediocre

  1. To quote my fellow Germans, fewer/less is more.

    I am much happier now with 10 to 20 people reading and interacting with me on a regular basis than the once 200 who liked for the sake of liking. I couldn’t keep up. Honestly, it was worse than social networking.

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  2. Ridiculous.
    I used to be a member of another writing site (can’t remember the name atm; headache) and it was fun – weekly prompts, people reading and commenting… and then something changed and people began to just follow to follow and like to like. Real content became obsolete. Last time I heard, you had to pay to enter a prompt… LOL

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  3. Yeah, “partner program”? Splain. Here’s clue for followers hounds – it don;t mean shit because 95% of them are looking for followback. I have 460 or so. Do they drop by, jack up my numbers? No. Here’s another clue – most of the writer “content” on the internet is empty nesters who read a book once and think Hallmark Mysteries are high art.

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    1. After my “attack” and job loss fall of 2020, I thought I’d try and build up some rep as a blogger. Medium Partner Program was a means to get paid for content.
      But, got a job instead (one I hate, but $$$$), and turns out the whole MPP was rigged anyway. “Six ways to bake a brioche without even trying,” is what they wanted.

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  4. You made me check to see if my Medium account was still there after all these years. It is, but I don’t think I was ever in their “Partner Program”, whatever that is. Medium was a weird blogging platform before they started paywalling everything. Now they’re just obnoxious.

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  5. You don’t need them. You might however want to make a mental note to reject their asking you to join them when you hit and then surpass their100 followers requirement following your smash hit of your book series Red and Blue – or you could be gracious and join them anyway despite their 100 followers requirement after you hit their mark. Up to you dude. Or if you really want revenge after you become famous you could start your own site in competition with their site. Our start a site that allows folks with only 10, 25 or 50 followers. Personally I would just let it go. Who needs them, not you in my humble opinion.

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    1. Evan Williams is a dick. Content there is like leopard-print leotards, thick rouge and clip-on earrings. All the good stuff gets ignored, while the flashy crap that lures wayward eyes wins the day. They, like Fadebook, will blur into the morass of schlock that stands for media-wallpaper.

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