Dear Mole: A Shrug of the Shoulders


The image above is the famous scene from Dr. Strangelove wherein Slim Pickens gleefully rides an atomic bomb to his demise in his enthusiasm to complete an ill-advised nuclear strike against the Soviet Union.

To be honest, Mole, the Cold War was already well-in effect by the time I was born into this world, but the overblown celebrations at the demise of the USSR failed to contain an ounce of prognostication. For instance: where did a good chunk of the Soviet arsenal go? These weapons were not destroyed so much as clandestinely redistributed.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about Putin. This doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t break for the people of Ukraine, it simply means that for someone as sociopathic, narcissistic and militaristic as that little Keebler Elf, only the most extreme measures will have any potential effect. What might constitute such a measure?

Here’s a thought: Recently, Vlad the Insecure indicated his intention to attend this year’s G-20 summit. Biden, though I understand his outrage, on an international stage opined that Putin should NOT be allowed to attend. This summit does not occur in Russia or Belarus or any other potentially problematic nation. So, my question is why do world leaders insist on overcomplicating everything? The G20 should embrace him with open arms, on neutral territory and then, I don’t know — arrest him? Kill him? Seems to me like this would be a golden opportunity, but our hands, I’m afraid, are too tied by “international norms”. There’s no other answer. He has to be deposed or eliminated.

But I didn’t come here to discuss international politics. I am pinpointing Putin (or Trump, or Kim Jong On, or Bolsonaro, or Hitler, or Mussolini, or Mao, or even Caligula, for that matter) in the hopes that I can impress upon you how OUR fear of him is his strength and keeping us on our toes is his M.O. He has no human empathy. He is a sociopath, like all the others I just named. His allies across the globe are dwindling faster than my bank account. NOW is the time to grow a pair, international community of “peace loving nations” and stop being so frightened about potential responses. We either behave like civilized beings and come to each other’s aid in the interest of civilization and human decency, two things that are rapidly going out of style, or we brace ourselves for the horrors to come that are more unimaginable than anything you can envision.

But here’s the real question: is this all just naive idealism? Are we even the type of animal that is capable of such large-scale evolution and acceptance? I, for one, am completely convinced that we are not.

While this may sound hopelessly bleak to others, it is my biggest panacea. Drop your sense of importance: it is unreal. Accept yourself as a temporary spark of life that was lucky enough to experience the phenomenal world for as long as you were, and THEN, accept yourself as the temporary, mortal expression of an eternal larger consciousness of which you are part, but the “you” part of it will be gone — memories, loved ones and all — at the moment of your death, never to return.

You don’t want to live forever. Trust me. That would be the ultimate curse.

Know why everyone on earth is so obsessed with the fact that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars the other night? Because it’s tabloid, and frivolous, and ultimately meaningless. This is what matters to people, not their own mortality or quality life. (and CERTAINLY not social justice and equity and democracy).

We’ve been through this shit since the dawn of humanity. But now our weapons are far more destructive, apocalyptic even. THAT’s what ‘peace loving” Americans actually consider progress.

See ya’ in Hell,


14 thoughts on “Dear Mole: A Shrug of the Shoulders

  1. When people care more about Will Smith than the Ukraine–there’s the problem. We’ll always take the easiest path. I personally doubt Russia would employ nukes–it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I love your idea of inviting him to join the party and then arresting his ass. Anyway, the whole world is just so ugh right now.

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  2. I think ‘international norms’ = ‘naïve idealism.’ At this point those that have started us on that journey feel like they cannot just step onto a different path, because that might make some people think twice about their real beliefs. So, it’s a vicious cycle. We all want to be good and we keep telling people to be good but then if someone is bad… do we still remain good…?

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  3. • Throughout history there have been nasty dictators. How did they live so long? Inner circle advisors and detractors undoubtedly *knew* bad shit was going down — evil shit. Yet, nobody did a thing? Maybe there’s bias in there somewhere — some got assassinated. Maybe many. And the ones who escaped or created insular cocoons around themselves are those you mentioned. Still… given the opportunity, “Here, Mr. Vlad, you look lonely. Let me give you a hug [SHIV-SHIV-SHIV].”
    • Maybe there was some /really/ bad shit doing down that Putinsky didn’t want the world to learn about — read: Ukraine is a diversion.
    • Putin has terminal prostate cancer and wants to cross Ukraine off his bucket list before he goes.
    • 1000+ miles of border between China and Russia… Siberia is sure looking tasty to ol’ Xi.
    • Rock-a-bye Smithy was just a publicity stunt. “shhh, talk shit about my bald wife, I slap you, we split the tabloid profits 5050.”

    Nice to hear from you Mr. Mudge. But I must say, only war will draw you out from your cozy cabin?

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      1. Not to be faulted.
        I blame it on corp-pharma on not coming up with a happy pill. Vitamin D works for about 20% of the malaise. Another 20% can be handled by whiskey or weed. The balance? I don’t know, camping in the mountains? Surely not working for a bloody living.

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    1. “Wired that way”. That’s what I suspect more and more every day. I’m beginning to even doubt my own free will because it’s very possible that the way I react to things is less volitional than instinctual.

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      1. You’re asking yourself the right question. I wish more people would do the same, esp. those who can make a difference. Speaking of the devil, time will tell if the wave of cultural backlash against Russians was well planned, or it’s just our animal instincts talking again. (I bitched about it in my last two posts, in case you’re interested in why such an approach is wrongheaded. And it’s not my instincts. I’m dealing with facts, regardless of how emotional I am.)

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  4. I thought the whole Chris and Willy thing was simply representative of the cultural situation at large. According to homicide research, three quarters of all murders fall under drug related/retaliation/argument. Out of those, the majority come down to disrespect. That’s right, somebody dissed somebody, bang. The difference between Chris and Willy and two dudes on the pick your city nightly news is the stage. And Will wasn’t carrying. Same shit, regardless of caste or race. It’s not a “tabloid” issue, it’s the zit on the underlying infection that no one wants to voice.

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  5. I saw a MEME not long ago. Split horizontal, Trump on top, Obiden on bottom. Top panel, If you thought this was Hitler – Bottom panel, Meet Stalin.
    All career politicians are power mad. The dangerous ones play the saber rattling whose got balls game. I recall back in the various Mid East turmoils one of the players, Egypt maybe, was acting up. Their politicians response to “knock it off” was they weren’t scared of the super powers because it was an unwritten rule that a country like the US or Russia couldn’t invade a small country. Police actions like Allfuckedupistan were the cover. Putin has blown that out of the water. What the fuckwad hopes to gain by leveling a small, independent nation is so abhorrently off the humanity scale that it is beyond absurd. Unfortunately there is no answer to this sort of thing but to answer in kind.

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