Found in a mine

The deepest mine gives purest stones,
of sapphire eyes and diamond tears.
The darkest nook hides murder bones,
that yearn to scream their story dear.
Scrape the skin of earthen mounds,
revealing gems so fair, so fine.
Midnight walks, deserted towns,
embrace foul shadows dressed to dine.
On rubies dipped in molten gold,
lay draped and searing milk-white throats.
While foolish flailing miners bold,
thrust sterile hips to Pan’s wry notes.
Her jaded jade mind, green with envy,
his turquoise marbles, blue with lust,
bear no substance, shatter freely,
return to Mother, return as dust.

13 thoughts on “Found in a mine

    1. Why do we even value such things? I certainly don’t. I keeping humming Sleeping Beauty’s dwarves’ song, “We don’t know what we dig them for we just dig, dig diggadig, dig.”

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  1. Waiting for the end to come, with flashing bright lights and a warm embrace, be at peace for you are here and you are welcomed with open arms and hearts that soar. As my mom would say Your a poet and don’t know it.

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