Haiku Tuesday: Lines in the sand

Image courtesy of Dall-E Mini

Prompt: seagull snorting cocaine

With lines in the sand

I fly higher than the sky

tomorrow I’ll crash

10 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Lines in the sand

  1. Humans have been trying hallucinatory drugs from ancient times. It is natural to want to escape the everyday reality which just won’t cut it. Non human animal may well benefit from a similar behavior. Don’t know but brains are brains and hallucinatory drugs cause hallucinations. Of course you don’t want to jump off a bridge into ragging rapids because you thought you saw something that wasn’t really there. So be careful out there and don’t try flying off of cliffs as the end could well be very unpleasant.

    I saw the butterfly come
    I saw its wings move
    Now I am sad and so blue

    This seems very familiar.

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