Woebegone Wednesday: Whither Scarecrow

Image courtesy of Dall-E Mini

Prompt: Tornado in a nuclear explosion

Whither Scarecrow when the murder has flown?

Will the cockroach dance in end-days revelry?

Do the shelters fester with covetous fear?

As glowing clouds rain their poison,

as mud-pan cracks fill with sludge,

as three-eyed toads croak their love songs,

what of Dorothy’s return from Oz?

Will ruby slippers work in reverse?

37 thoughts on “Woebegone Wednesday: Whither Scarecrow

  1. a murder is a flock of crows. So “Ere the scarecrow when the murders flown” means where is that little damn scarecrow after his friends have left? He’s all alone? What good is he? There’s power in the flock…in the murder of crows.

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    1. That would be a perfect explanation if Ere were some poetic license contraction for where, not archaic for “before”. But then given the LCD of most readership, if it works use it and the hell with confusing the fuck out of anyone who might know.

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        1. Whither wouldn’t be my first choice, either🤣. The only small point to be made about any of this is that all of us Indie “writers” write what we believe we’ve read or heard, or make shit up that “sounds like” what we think it ought to be.

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            1. Shakespeare was the prime culprit.
              Did he make shit up, or just repeat what others had said? Maybe he was surrounded by smart, creative folks whom he took advantage of.

              Ere Shakespeare’s time, a play was people wrestling in the mud shouting obscenities. He merely documented it and sold it on stage.

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                1. I love diss’n the dead, makin’ shit up about famous dead people others admire. Not really, but, I had to wonder about how prolific ol’ William really was. Or, was he more a product of his time, perfectly situated to take advantage. Which could prove to be a whole other facet to such success.

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            2. Holy stop thinkin you’re the center of mine, or any one’s or any part of the fuckin universe. ROTFLMAOTFI!!!!. I was commenting in the spirit of the thread, LOLYBDA!!! And as far as I can tell I made no direct or indirect personal references, inferences, attacks or admonitions of any abrasive, caustic, harsh, cavalier, contemptuous or imperious sort. I simply pointed out an error in usage that the author might derive some benefit from. You jumpin on the white knight wagon with a fallacious argument and steppin on your dick in public is on you, bro. ROTFLMFAOATFIA!!!!!

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              1. TBH, I’m getting into character. Paul is coming out of the closet as the narcissist of all time. A veritable God on earth. Actually the center of the Universe. Can’t wait.

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                  1. There’s an evolutionary advantage to being a narcissistic psychopath: They obtain more material possessions, breed more often–through rape or marriage–and literally kill off their competition. (Which is they rise higher and faster on the corporate ladder.) Success, in evolutionary terms, is measured by passing on your genes. Not social politeness. Using that measuring stick, Genghis Khan was one of the most successful males that ever lived, as over 16% of the earth’s CURRENT population carries his genes and is related to him. They may be psychopaths. They may be half wits. But they are winning.

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  2. I’m trying to understand the first question. Or rather, how it is a question. Obscurity in poetic prose is an almost universal contrivance, which is why I leave it alone comment wise. But still…

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    1. I surely don’t much effort into these one-offs. Dall-E Mini exercises, mostly. What weird or odd shit can it make with a little coaxing?
      Evoking Percy Shelley’s Ozymandias as we gaze upon the growing chaos and destruction. I can’t wait!

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      1. My ? regarding the question was more to do with the use of ere. which comes off as a poetic license of where, but it has a specific meaning, as any good internet pirate talker should know. “Aye, ye’ll feel the cold steel uv is sword ere this night be passed.”

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  3. I think I have an extra pair of magic shoes somewhere. I will have to check my secret closet. If I find them I will let you know. I am looking for a time machine to go back in time and change all of my bad decision and bad behavior.

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