Writer’s Log: DarkWinterLit – Trinket Troll


Thanks to Suzanne (EducationalMentorship.com) for considering my story for inclusion in her burgeoning online literary magazine www.DarkWinterLit.com.

Squiccus hums in low, rhythmic tones and the chipmunk’s breathing slows. With gnarled hands, Squiccus pets the disheveled fur down the nape of the creature’s neck; its capture had been—difficult.

You can read the rest here:

She picked a more neutral image for the story. I hunted one down from Pixabay and include it here so that this post gets an image. You know how it is, posts with images get noticed.

Image by: Pixabay: Adrian Kirby

14 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: DarkWinterLit – Trinket Troll

  1. Oh this turned out really good! At first I wasn’t too sure how I felt about Squiccus, but the story really gained momentum when Richard came on the scene. It finished strong. Nice job getting it published.

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    1. Thanks. I’ll admit, this was only a synopsis until a month ago. It sat, harddrive bound (for years), where I found it and “mined” it as a seed which I grew. (I may have to start screening my old notes again for ideas.)

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