Haiku Tuesday: Peppermint Candy

Spirals drill deeper
revealing knowledge unknown
and unknowable

Galaxies dissolve
like pearls melting in the sea
transformed, sand to sand

Chlorophyll dances
in Sun’s magnanimous rays
no shade to be found

10 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Peppermint Candy

  1. Part of the fun of being human is thinking in words. Dead ends or not, it doesn’t really matter. Absolutes or not, it doesn’t really matter. Language clothing reality, how exciting. Duke

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  2. Gladly pay you Tuesday for a haiku today. Pearls dissolving in their own environment is a stretch for me, and I’ve been declared visual simile insane. Oh well. Like I said elsewhere, I saw a ducky and a horsey and a peppermint and then George drops in like Eco to play bongos in a hippie guild extemporaneous poetry challenge and I am once again set adrift in the unnavigable waters of the universe… holy shit… what does it all mean, Mr. Natural.

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    1. Mean? Not a thing, Mr. Articulate. “Meaning” does not exist.
      For if it did, this AI I’m using to generate these images would write the haiku itself, declare IT gave the poetry meaning simply by existing, to which humanity would tilt its head, nod knowingly and accept that evolution could continue without biology.

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      1. I fear were I as disenchanted with the human experience as you I might do something drastic and fatal. The good news is Mr. Natural has previously informed us all that “It don’t mean shit.” All truth is experiential. None is universal. I gladly disengage with my WordPress cadre of negativism. I’m certain whatever hold the Zoltan of mediocrity has over you all is quite enough.

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