SepSceneWriMo #4 is coming…

The 4th annual
September Scene Writing Month
is on our doorstep.

What is SepSceneWriMo?

For thirty days, starting September 1st, write a scene a day.

  • Make each one as long or short as you want (shorter is better).
  • Make them isolated one-offs…
  • Or make them part of a series.

Focus on concise communication, tight punchy sentences mixed with effusive, literary run-ons.

Or whatever. We don’t care. As long as you write something that feels like a single scene. (OK. We’re good with multiple connected scenes per post but, keep them short. Nobody wants to read 1500 words every day for 30 days. We’re busy people, right?)

Key Point: tag your posts with #sepscenewrimo so that we can find them.

That’s it.

See you there,

Not again! Oh yes. We’re on a roll now.

21 thoughts on “SepSceneWriMo #4 is coming…

          1. Or my personal favorite, completely missing the point. You could write some tragic story about someone remembering how they first wanted to kill themselves in fifth grade, and the first comment will be “I loved my fifth grade teacher.”

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    1. Way less stressful than nanowrimo. And who gives a crap if you miss a few days. Hey, that’s writing.
      (To be honest, I start preparing, like now. I try to build up a list of topics and even get a head start writing them. I don’t have lots of free time, so, kinda hard to hit all 30 days.)

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              1. Nay… excuses, not inadequacies. We are all horribly inadequate. You’re just waiting for the silver bullet of 1=(2×14)/3+(6x.025) to come along.
                Which doesn’t exist. However, 1 novella =2 parallel stories over 14 chapters divided by 3 equal protagonists + 6 side characters worth 1/8th of a main character each.
                Or, The Pontotoc Murder in Sepiatone, give or take a chapter.😎 But did I know that going in? Nope.

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            1. The balance are done in Sept. But, who really cares? It’s not a contest, it’s a gimmick.
              For me, I figure someday I may make my own anthology of these bits. I’ll call it AUG-SEPT-OCT-WriMo, instead.

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