Writer’s Log: DarkWinterLit – A Grandmother’s Love

Thanks again to Suzanne (EducationalMentorship.com) for considering another of my stories for inclusion in her blossoming online literary magazine www.DarkWinterLit.com.

“I don’t do that anymore. Please stop asking.” Morna set down her cup and stared at her daughter in-law. Women in the township had come to know that stare, one tempted fate to counter such a stare.

You can read the rest here:

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: DarkWinterLit – A Grandmother’s Love

  1. Okay, I’m back. I enjoyed your use of nature imagery, especially how the birds at the cemetery made it feel like a truly cold winter day. I can’t decide if I’d want more detail about Innes’s deterioration. It’s very creepy the way it is. But that part grabbed me. That process could be a story in itself.

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  2. You have two choices. Buy, and use, PWA. Or nail your other foot to the floor. I’m not being a dick, but you have forest for the trees going on here and you’re about to stick your name on it.
    However, the “Mother? MOTHER! Where’s Tabitha and what have you done to Darrin?” trope is solid.

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