Woebegone Wednesday: Progress for the sake

The Atomic Age begat the Digital Age,
and the soon to follow Genetic sequel.
Our Anthropocene seeps rancid into deserts and jungles,
taiga, savanna, and oceans deep. Nowhere is safe.
You’ll be safe in Nowhere, a place where nothing dies,
Or lives.
Where dreams are born and fade, ungraspable phantasms,
filaments dissolving in foamy lattes.
Nowhere, a non-scape awaiting your arrival,
awaiting the Cosmos and its final breathless gasp.
Photons dim and wink out.
The Dark Age has come.

8 thoughts on “Woebegone Wednesday: Progress for the sake

  1. I’ve been out of commission lately and missed a lot of your previous post…but holy moly, you’re getting deep and poetic in here…some sort of Ezra Pound metaphysical Alan Watts energy flowing through you. You’re taking this to a new level and a new audience. This a market for you. Think Eckhart Tolle and that huge market segment…

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