Haiku Tuesday: Unrecoverable

trauma fades like rotting wood,
residue remains

Crushed like a tin can
our metal conveyance fails,
loved ones suffering.

Best laid plans founder
when submerged troubles surface
and pull you below.

All images courtesy of OpenAI’s DALL-E image fabrication engine. (Yes, this is the real one, not the crippled version.)

7 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Unrecoverable

  1. “Residue remains…” aint that the truth. Very poignant piece.
    (Btw, I saw multiple bad car accidents yesterday. What’s up with that?)
    These were all great! Was it random that you got all these images at the same time or did you amass them throughout time? If the latter – what made you come up with the catastrophe team?

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    1. You can search for dall-e mini — the open, available version.
      I’m a follower of AI and had applied for OpenAI’s API (of GPT-3 fame), and then got access to the full version of Dall-E2.


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