Woebegone Wednesday: Baseline Blues

You may wonder
how one can exist
in such a despondent state of mind,
moldering in a malaise of existential indifference.

I will tell you
the design manifested organically
melding angst spewed from a thousand discussions
regarding cannabis-fueled examinations of the cosmos.

The lingering ennui seeping in and solidifying
below deck, a negative reference point, a Y-axis deficit.

A new baseline.

Which places me at an advantage.

The simplest frivolity,
the merest mention of whimsical silliness,
the grin of a Golden Retriever, the thrum of a hummingbird’s wings, the first tinkling of rain drops, the scamper of a squirrel across the deck, the smell of wood smoke, the taste of cinnamon bears, or the laughter of my children
lifts my heart and makes me smile.

The darkness pushed back, if only for a moment.

6 thoughts on “Woebegone Wednesday: Baseline Blues

  1. very nice indeed. I get my recharge every time I see my one year old grandchild clap and jump for joy at her latest achievement such as being able to play with water in a bucket and splash about in pure joy of her achievement to cool herself down all by herself. We all clap with joy at her little success. And await to see what her next big move will be up the later to self reliance. .

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