Haiku Tuesday: Descendants Transcend

Migration over,
sexual frenzy concludes
in orgasmic bliss.

Dappled orange melts
into an ocean of tears
shed in ecstasy.

Descendants flourish
preparing to journey south
to sleep until spring.

5 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Descendants Transcend

    1. Thanks.
      DALL-E2 image generator.

      There are now three:
      MidJourney: (John Oliver did a bit on this one),
      DALL-E2: by OpenAI (owned by microsoft)
      Stable Diffusion: an open beta, which is pretty slick.

      Others are on the way.
      Copyright on these is still up in the air.

      Mid to lower level graphic artists are about to be put out of work.

      (Prompt for the images: monarch butterflies melting into a field in the style of van gogh)


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