Haiku Tuesday: Depressionist art

Shadows meander
peacefully amongst the pines,
silent wolves keep still.

My friend Mike told me about Ellen Dittebrandt who was an impressionist artist living in Oregon who died in a car accident in 2014. This image is generated by Stable Diffusion and looks nothing like her art but, her name was used in the prompt. Clearly AI art-gen still has a ways to go.

Solitude never
feels so all alone, if you
share it with nature.

This image came from a simpler prompt which merely named the previously named artist. This engine, Stable Diffusion, although trained on 5.6 billion images gleaned from the internet, fails to appreciate the true nature of Dittebrandt’s work.

Styx allows passage
to any who pay the price,

This was created using Dall-e2. Hades sailing the river styx in the style of raphael.

I recommend Ellen Dittebrandt’s artwork, it’s rather pleasing.

3 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Depressionist art

  1. And thanks for Ellen. She’s got that pre raph blue workin’. That stuff explodes off the canvas. I think the issue with the generative is that it doesn’t know how to weight the output from depth of input. Whatever artist X work pops first is the adoptive result.

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  2. Not so great at historical cross ref, either. That blue belongs to Rossetti and Burne-Jones of the PRE- Raphaelites. Google Rossetti blue. Rafael was a classical dude, in the Greek/Michelangelo tradition which does explain the Hades. And since people are obliged to comment about sources I didn’t have you pegged as an American prog guy but the world surprises me every day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KSj46joJbE

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