Seriously though: Why so serious?

Here lately, there has been a trend in my mind toward the serious side of things, all things. Only discuss, present, and describe matters of a certain gravitas. If it’s not about writing or writing itself, dissuade myself from posting. Even my poetry, the haikus and such, tended to tip the scale toward the heavy, the consequential. Soul weighting seems the fashion. Perhaps it’s leakage of my existential dread that imbues my notions of what is worthy of sharing.

It’s sad, really.

In such a state I recently, systematically wiped all subscribers from this blog. Such an act is not without precedent. I’d done the same a few years ago. Clean slate and all that. However, there are a few here who attach themselves, like ticks, to the skin of this site. They must be immune to starvation.

I realize that such counter-productive behavior is exactly that. My mother was often wont to say, “You’d cut off your nose to spite your face.” At the time I had no idea what she meant, having started this self-deprecating behavior in my teens if not earlier. I’ve kept up the momentum. I suppose there are some facets of one’s personality that are indelibly etched, branded early for whatever reason.

The mere fact that I’m reflecting on this must say something, though. Right?

In such light, dim as it is, I will therefore award myself a Fandangly.

I blame Suzanne over at her site.

The theory, twice fold, is that, firstly (as I take it), one should not have need of a momentous occasion to celebrate through one’s blog. If the falling of autumn leaves strikes you as worthy – post it. If you should discover a spider’s sodden egg-ball in the bottom of your drained coffee cup – post it. If instead of using a soothing sound as your phone’s ring-tone you use the noise of a barfing cat – post it.

And secondly, the concept that a singular notion can be intentionally turned into a viral meme, is not lost on me. It was 2010 when I decided I’d try and do the same; infect the Web with a word. Coin a term and see if I could spread it, intentionally, to see how far I could push it into the consciousness of the net.

The word I created was “leximize”: a portmanteau of maximize and lexicon: to maximize the lexical exposure of a word or meme. I intended to leximize leximize. My success was minimal. Maybe Suzanne’s will flourish.

For this effort I have given myself the above Fandangly award. Yay Me!


14 thoughts on “Seriously though: Why so serious?

  1. OK, I realize that I might be latching onto the details, but what do you mean you purged your subscribers? You still pop up in my feed… Or did you mean that you basically stopped following everyone you had until then? I’m really considering of doing that and am taking baby steps towards that as some people seem to post more often than I am able to read/engage.

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    1. I went through, systematically, and removed all 550 subscribers.
      If you still get notified, then you might be one of those email subscribers (there were like 10 of them, I could not get rid of).
      A few <10 have resubscribed and I've left them (per their request).

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      1. Hmm… No, I do not receive email notifications. Just usual Reader appearance. In the past (probably like 2-3 years ago), someone was trying to block someone from their site and they removed them as a subscriber and found out it did absolutely nothing. Not sure if it’s been fixed since. I think WP didn’t like the idea of people being able to silence others.

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        1. So, when you review directly, and scroll down, then up, the “Following” images shows? Or does it say, Follow?, even after you log in?
          Now I’m curious…
          Click your Stats -> far right the Followers(xxx) will present, clicking that, will show you the list. From there I removed everyone.
          However, my stats:followers(count) shows 17 right now, but the actual list of people, after clicking that link, shows 4 — and you’re not on it.

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          1. The ‘Following/Follow’ button has not been working for me for a long time now so I stopped paying attention. I follow people, their posts appear in my Reader, but somehow it does not show I am following them. Then, I click ‘Follow’ and BOOM when I go to my stats, I see that I am following them TWICE…

            Hmm… I did go to manage the sites I follow and indeed you are not there. No clue.

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  2. Cat barfing! Ah, the good old days of 8 bit sampling libraries. You can simulate the sound of a turd hitting the water with a bucket and shot glass. Changing the mic proximity is like a “wetness” knob. Creativity and fun in all things. You deserve a blue ribbon moment – for bein’ the kid in the joke where when you were born the doctor slapped yo momma. You want density? Start with empathy. Otherwise, it’s a self-flagellating Hallmark moment.

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  3. I’m so happy to see you’ve embraced the spirit of the Fandangly. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if it goes viral or becomes a meme–I needed it today, and it’s there for anyone else who needs it–spiders in your cup, rain on your wedding day, daughter in the hospital with another unexplained seizure that terrifies her mother–use it as needed. And I can’t believe you tried to get rid of me–didn’t you know that when the apocalypse comes, all that will be left are the cockroaches and me?

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