Haiku Tuesday: Tilting Wind Turbines

To challenge the wind
Believe you are first master
Of your broken heart

Dulcinea’s eyes
Gaze sweet upon my dour face
Her tears like crystal

The swoosh of my blade
Rends the clouds my enemies
They stack against me

Leap Rocinante
O’r the sun the liquid moon
Seek impossibly

To all I survey
Let them know I persevered
Despite my failures

9 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Tilting Wind Turbines

    1. Here’s the prompt and the result:
      Can you write five haikus on the topic of Don Quixote, Dulcinea, Rocinante and tilting at wind turbines. Don’t use Don Quixote’s name in the output. (Had to add this as her first attempt used his name over and over.)

      Brave and chivalrous,
      Riding horseback, strong and true,
      Illusions in sight.

      A tilting fight,
      Against giant turbines, wild,
      A noble madness.

      Beauty of a muse,
      Kindling passion in heart,
      Illusions arise.

      Steed’s hooves, steady,
      Clop against the windmill’s sails,
      A knight’s charge persists.

      Tall turbines stand fast,
      Defying the brave knight’s might,
      Yet he tilts on, strong.


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