Haiku Tuesday: Bottled hope

A photorealistic image of a blue glass bottle washed up on a beige sandy shore, inside it is a rolled up message, the sky is stormy, but the sea is calm

Imagine a time
of ships, sails, flags and rigging
and wrecks upon reefs

Pen a solemn oath
sealed with a venomous curse
bitter and spiteful

Upon parchment dear
a last testament writ plain
lies of no regrets

Cast upon the sea
our curiosity piqued
expired salvation

A desperate wish
to connect, to touch a soul
in futures unknown

12 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Bottled hope

  1. This is written so well that I would never have known you were confined by the 5-7-5. Excellent. Loving the AI pic, although I still find it a lot of fun to take my own images for the mag (or use one of Ken’s photos) when I can😊

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  2. Another AI’d pic? Just for fun I drug it onto Google’s “image search” and got hundreds of almost identical pictures. I found it interesting that even all the bottles were the same shape–like SUV’s, I guess. Must be only one way to make a viable bottle.

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  3. Crazy Jack had a sea captain character trapped between life and death by his guilt. Made great fodder for a Gothic infused 100 year old conspiracy. I don’t do fantasy or whatever writing about ghosts is called, but I had a parnormally aware ex spy sit down and chat with the man. Ghost. Whatever. Your fifty cent vocabulary where a nickle word’ll do (Twain, paraphrased) is killing me.

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      1. Not so much a puzzle as a trap? That’s not original. Some teacher said that and the assignment that followed was try to write something scenic, not oblique, with no filler words. A, and, the, was, all that. Sheesh. Enough to put me off writing the things.

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