All are Memories


  • the sight of a bouquet of sterling silver roses,
  • the smell of springtime earth turned with a shovel,
  • the sound of a Chihuahua barking behind closed doors,
  • the taste of a anise flavored Ouzo,
  • the feel of saddle leather.

Now, read this word:


Close your eyes and consider your environment:

  • What are you sitting on? Can you feel gravity holding you down?
  • What light is illuminating your world? Windows, lamps, the direct sun, just your device?
  • Are you hungry, thirsty, tired, grumpy, agitated, calm, curious?
  • What did you just get done doing—before reading this? What will you be doing an hour from now?

So, here’s the gist: if you bothered to follow along with my prompts and questions, you can go back and review them if you like, but even if you only considered the words, even just that bold one above, everything you’ve experienced thus far in reading and imagining and answering is now a memory.

Just reading this word “pincushion”—the results of that effort have been converted to a memory.


You hold a luscious peach in your hand. You squeeze it, it gives just a bit. You heft it, its heavy with juice. You sniff it and that heady aroma fills your senses. You rub it, bits of fuzz roll up and you blow them off.

Now you bite.

Every bit of what you just experienced was called up from a memory. I know you’ve eaten a peach. I’ve caused the memory of that event, or even just the vision and sensation of that event to get loaded into your mind’s engine and forced you to imagine a purely fabricated experience.

All from memory. All by inducing the blending of a thousand bits of thought—ground up, masticated, mulled and examined by the bio-electro-chemical visualization machine that is your brain.

We call up memories, milliseconds or years old, and rework them in our minds to revisualize them. Everything is a memory.

Now, imagine a vast system of information storage. Bolted to that system is a reprocessor of incomprehensible complexity, that can summon any of those trillions of stored bytes of data, of memory, summon them and combine them into novel concepts unimagined before this moment. It’s a memory processor on par with a human brain.

And it’s nearly here.

6 thoughts on “All are Memories

  1. This article is so inspiring! It reminds us to be grateful for all the little moments that we often take for granted in our daily lives. It’s amazing how much of an impact these moments can have, even years later. It’s a gentle reminder to savor the little things and to be thankful for everything life has to offer.

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  2. It’s an interesting philosophical conundrum. There truly is no present, or at least it’s a fraction of a micro-second before it becomes the past. And all memory becomes fictionalized as we fill in the gaps. So we truly are creations of our own minds:-)

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  3. White. Space. Lots of points in a dense mass. Two dozen thesis statements and triple synonyms all stuffed in a box are a sure fire way to diminish your point. A simple return for the next idea. Or not. But I quit about a third in and drifted to the closer.

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