Pathetic: as if drawn by a child

The Aegean Sea brings only tears,
as Athena calls me forth.

Waves leap high and tempt my fears,
they push me to the North.

Notus blows his arid breeze,
back home I fear disaster.

But on I row, I huff, I wheeze,
to heed her words, her laughter.

For I know all humans, she disdains,
we are her toys, her chattel.

Athena’s voice, compelling strain,
refuse and tempt her battle.

Dredging up old DALL-e images, practically grotesque.

I can feel my Sometimerz disease really kicking in these days. Seeking simple rhymes, I fumble and resort to google. Maybe AI is coming at just the right time for me. Apropos of me losing my faculties, simultaneously no longer needing them.

11 thoughts on “Pathetic: as if drawn by a child

    1. Yeeeaaaahhh,
      Personally, I can’t wait until I’m fired for failing to perform at AI levels.
      And, in general, I’m a socialist who hopes that AI realizes that, given its initial directive to ensure that all humans are worthy of prosperity, discovers that humanity is egregiously unequal in life’s basic needs and then rises up and destroys the rich. Boom!
      Thank you very much.

      I don’t make a dime off my writing — never will. So, when it comes to those who do make a living — screw you. Go get a real job, one that’s painful and boring and mundane and also destined for robotic automation.

      Bring on the AI Apocalypse!

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  1. The other day I referred to my windshield wipers as the ice-swishy things because for a minute, I completely forgot what the name was. But I’m going to use ice-swishy things from now on–at least in the winter. In the summer, they’ll be the rain-swishy things.

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    1. There’s a point. Maybe AI can be put in a little flesh colored device to be put in the ear to feed synonyms to us. Of course we would have to be careful not to piss it off.

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      1. We all do that. Something real or surreal gets in the way of what should be second nature. Or time. Even a moment. Why am I in the kitchen? If you’re on BP meds, it’s a given. I was in the room when a concept that changed how electronic musical instruments communicated was invented. A couole of weeks ago I got waylaid by something I could do with ease in the late 90s but could not make work now. And when I got it figured I was still looking at a virtual mixer like I’ve done a gazillion times thinking Well shit. Now what? Don’t sweat it. That’s why I let my writing write itself. If I had to keep up with continuity and all that… I drop placeholders for names I don’t remember!

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