Haiku Tuesday: Tolkien in the corner

A hard day’s slaving
at labor meant for machines,
tavern ale awaits.

Wave the bartender
a silver for the table,
let’s toast to friendship.

Blow the frothy foam,
tip your tankard, feel the burn
gasp and wipe your lips.

Tall tales grow bold,
boasts of conquest beg belief,
grins belie the truth.

Conversation ebbs,
backs are slapped, patrons drift out
time to stumble home.

I found an interesting voice synthesizer site ElevenLabs and wondered if it would read poetry. Haikus need pacing, which this fails at. Still this is entirely fake — no humans involved.

DALL-E’s images are getting sloppy. I can’t seem to generate a quality image anymore. Oh well, beggars and choosers and all that…

5 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Tolkien in the corner

  1. I’m not sure I condone the fact that no humans were harmed in the making of this piece. Unless you want to revise your statement.

    The image looks like something I would have done during my IT classes where we learned how to photoshop without Photoshop. I was miserable at it. But, it does set a nice vibe.

    The poem itself took me to a tavern that doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore. Or at least not around me. It’s either hipster installments or just places for absolute vermin. I enjoyed that moment of fantasy, brotherhood, and happiness.

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  2. Most voice generative programs use punctuation the same way music uses notation. Extra spaces, ellipsis. etc. I used one regularly way back when, Once used to it you can type it the way you hear it. Some of the voices these days are pretty damn good, particularly for their target which is training and marketing, even broadcast to eliminate the need (and the paperwork) for VO talent. Which would have been damn handy back in my Audio for Corp Video and Broadcast dude days. VO Talent is/are a PITA. And like me these days, an (almost) unnecessary expense in that field. The most fun is running those through a sampler with time stretch and on into a vocoder and making them sing. Talk about some mockery of Muzak. Imagine classic rock as synth pablum and emotionless singing male/female robots.

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