Haiku Tuesday: Martian squirrels conspire

A scolding so vile
a dog, pest poison, murder
Anti-theft bird feeder

Feasting on acorns
some locations forgotten
old oaks nod sagely

On desolate Mars
forsaken dreams lie waiting
train rides to nowhere

Build a second home
a contingency backup
first one forsaken

output image

Wolves prowl the alleys
while collies sip hot coffee
with bourbon chasers

What wee hours business
contrived in desperation
gives daylight solace

4 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Martian squirrels conspire

    1. Thanks for your continued encouragement.
      Not to dissuade you, but you needn’t feel compelled to comment on these simple posts. I’d hate to think that in some way, reading and commenting here has become a chore.
      I’ve abandoned dutifully commenting on others’ sites and only do so now out of personal incentive.

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