Haiku Tuesday: We need our dough

4 a.m. arrives
new-age bakers flip the switch
machines never tire

Is something missing
wheat yeast water salt all there
ah the human touch

Automation takes
gives idleness new meaning
empty incentives

Eastward the Levant
its microorganisms
no longer give rise

Break it and share it
bread binds cultures together
without it we starve

13 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: We need our dough

  1. Seriously though, this was excellent and reminded me of the time I worked in a donut shop as a decorator, waiting for the baker to finish making them. He LOVED his job, and sang to the pastry mixer😊

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    1. There’s a chatty youtuber “Proof” I think he calls himself, who waxes on about his auspicious occupation of feeding this people the fruits of his exhaustive labor: bread. Sourdough started varieties of all sorts, some many would think impossible. Croissants made from tart and fragrant starter? Those and more.
      The miller, the baker, the candle…. Anyway, noble occupations the likes of which I will always envy but never covet. Oy, the hours!

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