Haiku Tuesday: Whether Weather Wears Weary

Thor tosses Mjolnir
crushing thunder rings our ears
soft rain billows down

Paintbrush and lupens
bask in sunlight, drink their fill
winter oblivious

Storm clouds intimidate
mortals optimistic plans
gods make no amends

Virga drapes her locks
wispy tendrils dangle low
impotent showers

Cumulus portends
precipitation in waves
west winds blow them clear

Thirsty grounds beckon
gravid clouds to spill their loads
sorry, not your turn


5 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday: Whether Weather Wears Weary

  1. Rather a romantic haiku, sentimental in a catastrophic sort of way. As a kid, I never thought much about the weather. It was either cold or hot. Things have changed and we are living at the beginning of a inexorable trend. Woe to us lying beneath the cherry blossoms, expecting rain, but suddenly getting snow. Duke

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    1. Grew up in the East Coast, weather was this thing that parents dealt with. Hurricane Agnes 1972 tore through Northern Virginia and that’s about the only weather I recall from my youth.


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