Believe nothing you read here

The Anectdotal Hyperbolist has spoken. Nothing you read here can be believed.

10 responses to “Believe nothing you read here

  • Duke Miller

    You might like this. I don’t know how to send you a message on this site other than just to post shit. Thanks. Duke

  • Duke Miller

    Also when I was in El Salvador, I’d often imagine just walking up into the mountains until I got to the left-wing camps and staying with them, but they would have probably killed me or not, would have depended. Also, I built a log cabin in East Texas back in the day on a friend’s property. Unfortunately, I never finished the roof and neither did he and after five or six years it all rotted. Cutting down a nice pine with a chainsaw was an experience I will never forget. It was like spooking a cobra. Duke

    • Anony Mole

      I often fail to realize just how large Texas is.

      The videos of nordic cabin construction fascinate me. With just hand tools and know-how (a chainsaw would help) they can construct a livable homestead. Roofs are tricky things. Chainsaws even trickier. Summers in the early ’80s found me chainsawing my way through the Colorado Rockies. Not solely, but often enough to add that skill to my belt.

      I’m still reading LaDwD — small doses, like a potent drug, works well for me. Much of the time I’m not sure if what I’m reading is autobiographical or not.

      • Duke Miller

        “Truth is lived, not taught.” Herman Hesse. I came across this quote after our discussion on the expectations a reader has when the story is couched in first person. I am much more comfortable writing in first person because of my life. Had I been an academic, second person would have been easier. For me there is something inauthentic about second tense. Which gets at the value of honest writing vs the rabbit hole of literary truth. Perhaps we only disagree about style. The girl did shave off her face, but she was committed and eventually committed suicide. I preferred she die on the highway blocking traffic instead of at the end of a towel. Less truthful, but more in keeping with her nature. So my teaching on her is more authentic and honest and less truthful, but this is what Hesse is getting at…indeed, we shared a truth that words are incapable of capturing. Again, this is my style and I lay no claim to the truth. Thanks. Duke

  • Duke Miller

    Yes, there it is. Never noticed that, and if I did, I assumed it was just site junk. So I hit it and it says I am no following you. Oh Joy. Convert brought me here and he seems like a gentle soul, even though I don’t believe in souls and he is probably not so gentle in a pinch. Ha. Thanks. Duke P.S. You strike me as the “I’ve forgotten more than most people know” kind of guy.

    • Anony Mole

      And that forgetting would seem to be accelerating, much to my chagrin.
      So many sites think that special functions need to be singled out (and inadvertently hidden). Silly WordPress, UI tricks are for kids. (Established folks need consistency.)

  • Duke Miller

    Also, I tried to go to your first post, but gave up. Did you break your legs several years ago and were left in an isolated cabin with a dog, fire, computer, and 10 years supply of canned foods? Ha. The internet is the collective brain and we each contribute to the thought patterns. Thanks. Duke

    • Anony Mole

      I’ve found Following others, depending on their WP template to be a crapshoot too. Depending on your browser, scrolling up then down often presents a following button (or an ellipsis.)
      My first blogging post was done on a site of my own device, since defunct. The first post on anonymole here was a 2013 global warming affair.
      All through my youth I wished only to live in a log cabin, with a dog and a rifle. When the school bus would turn left into the high school lot, I imagined it heading straight up into the Appalachian Mtns instead.

  • Duke Miller

    Hi AMole,
    I see no way to follow you so I can know when you post something. Where is it or do you not have one? That would fit, but maybe I just can’t see it. Thanks. Duke

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