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  1. SepSceneWriMo: Fifteen (9/15/2019) - Food of the Gods Chaco pinched the joint from El Hefe’s nimble fingers. He set the point to hover near his lips, disappearing beneath a draping mustache and inhaled a stream of reefer smoke into his barrel thick chest. “Yo, Chaco. Save some for us, cabrone.” Miguel the interpreter, sleek with words and gracious, empty […]
  2. SepSceneWriteMo: 12,13,14 (9/14/2019) - Memento Mori Last Race All Gone Continued… [No story-willfulness here; just silly fun.]
  3. SepSceneWriteMo: Eleven (9/14/2019) - Drought The floodwaters receded months ago leaving carcasses drying beneath an unrelenting sun. A burning eye that baked cracks in the mud-pan flats, deep crevices where even the tadpoles became stuck, rigid in their slow desiccation. While they could, magpies gorged themselves. Within a week the birds moved on, their black and white feathers kiting […]
  4. SepSceneWriMo: Ten (9/14/2019) - 10 X Down range the flagman, hunkered below the 1000 yard berm, stood and waved the black signal flag—another “X”. He lowered the four-foot wide target, taped over the pinky-thick hole with a circle made for the task and hoisted the target back up for Riccards’ last shot. Riccards, sharpshooter for the Army’s 103rd, let the […]
  5. Bow to your overlord: DNA (9/13/2019) - Just a brief “you should read this” note about Tim Urban’s Wait but Why site (a continual classic) and a series he’s been producing about society. The Story of Us: Full Series It takes hours to read, thoroughly, but worth the payoff. He exposes some clever, insightful glimpses into human behavior, couched in a Twinkie-consumable […]
  6. Writer’s Log: 2123 Willfulness (9/12/2019) - Back when I sucked at writing (much more than I do today), I was, what I’d call, story willful. I wrote with willful intent to put story to paper. And the stories flowed. (The writing was awful, but the stories were solid.) In trying to coerce better writing from my fingers, I’ve transitioned into technically […]
  7. SepSceneWriMo: Niner (9/9/2019) - Lacy’s Run Lacy’s grip on the polished brass pole held her like a bronco rider beyond her mandatory eight seconds. The calliope music didn’t help. Neither did the rotational momentum nor the pumping motion—up down, up down—like she needed her bucket filled during the Dust Bowl, and her well had run plum dry. “Lacy dear, […]
  8. SepSceneWriMo: Eight (9/8/2019) - Missing “She’s this tall,” Tooq held his brown hand up to his chin, “and she laughs like a goat when you tickle her. And… and she’s all I have left.” When the bomb detonated beneath the fruit seller’s stand during Tuesday morning’s market, Tooq and his sister had been two stalls down, hunkered in a […]
  9. SepSceneWriMo: 5, Six, 7 (9/7/2019) - • Orbital Odyssey • Small Change • Final Grades Continued … Each of these deserves another swing with the writer’s bat. But, well, NOT.
  10. SepSceneWriMo: Four (9/5/2019) - Long Pig The King’s cook thrashed about the kitchen seeking inspiration, a sign, a clue of any kind that might, by the end of the day, afford him his life. An emissary from a distant province had arrived the evening past. Notice had filtered down that the King required a fitting banquet. The oaken backdoor’s […]
  11. SepSceneWriMo: Three (9/4/2019) - Rosie Dorothy plucked another plastic bottle from the dumpster behind the Classic Town Mall. The bottle still held three quarters of its brown-colored fluid and her cheap trigger-handled claw slipped and let it drop. Damn kids can’t finish what they buy. She tried again and this time used two hands to pinch it and releasing it to […]
  12. WizardEarth: The Forgotten Web (9/2/2019) - Nearly twenty years ago I decided to create a collaborative writing website where many authors could team together to contribute to writing fan fiction (or whatever). I called it WizardEarth and I built a whole database and web application to support it. Today, as I dug around The Wayback Machine looking for TomBeingTom’s old page, […]
  13. SepSceneWriMo: Two (9/2/2019) - Steely Thorson fingered his winnings. Within just an hour he’d accumulated three times his stake. His competitors shuffled anxiously around him. They can wait, I’m in command, now. He readjusted his rolled-up sleeves of his green plaid shirt, stretched out the kinks in his neck and placed one knee in the dirt beside the mostly-round […]
  14. SepSceneWriMo: One (9/1/2019) - Bay the Hunting Hounds The desert sand cooled as the night wore on. Imkep struggled behind his brother, Teth, who frequently paused to support him. The wound in the younger’s calf, a slice delivered by a poorly shot arrow from a guard’s bow, seeped little now that a crust had formed. In the east the […]
  15. SepSceneWriMo (9/1/2019) - All, I and Phil Huston propose a month of scene writing. As often as possible, it needn’t be everyday, write a scene encapsulating a complete: Setting Emotion Event Scenes should be self contained, almost short stories, which may not have full introductions of characters, assume we dropped into the middle of your story already in […]
  16. Surgery: post-op follow up (8/30/2019) - A guy walks into a doctor’s office and says, Hey, I need an operation, will it hurt? The doc smiles like a Cheshire cat and says, No, no, it’s practically painless. Just a little pinching and discomfort for a few days. Well, hell, says the guy, sign me up. Two weeks after the surgery, the […]
  17. Writer’s Log: 2113 (8/24/2019) - Back cover blurb: In the far reaches of the Arctic an artificial intelligence micro-ticks its time away. While it waits, it collects data from its few remaining brethren circling in geosynchronous orbit. The AI then processes the gigabytes of data downloaded from its brothers. Data that catalogs the demise of the human species that built […]
  18. Seven days makes a week (8/23/2019) - It’s been just over seven days since my encounter with a mad man with a scalpel. Fortunately, I held my Stoic tongue and he only cut me twice — but in a most vulnerable location, one I use to pretty much to move my body in any direction. Gee thanks, doc. Seven days and today […]
  19. Moby Dick Keyboard (8/18/2019) - May I present your new keyboard layout. It is based on the character counts from Moby Dick. It’s based on the letter frequencies derived from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. What we did was to take the letters, and balance them left to right around frequency and distance to move one’s fingers. This is how the […]
  20. What’s your pain level? (8/16/2019) - Hell, I don’t know, a three, maybe? Turns out my imagined pain scale placed my number rather low. I considered a one to be a bee sting and a ten to feel like I was cutting off my own left hand with a rusty hacksaw. Given such a context, yeah, my pain registered in at […]
  21. Waiting for the surgeon (8/16/2019) - So, this guy is laying in a hospital bed waiting in prep for surgery. The nurse comes in and says the surgeon will be two hours late. The IV is in his arm. Everyone is on deck. Two hours to wait. Does he get pissed? Does he curse the surgeon when he finally shows up? […]
  22. Writer’s Log: 2112 Instinct (8/11/2019) - My latest WIP has failed to gel within my mind. I continued to force my main character into the lime-light. Time and again, the fellow held up his hands and shied away. Wrong protagonist. I knew this instinctively, but kept to my plans with the boy, Rogan, and his character arc. I thought I wanted […]
  23. Stewie the Stoic: In Review (8/5/2019) - For all who participated, we enjoyed thirty days of Stewie the Stoic’s take on Seneca’s philosophy of being a Stoic. Specifically, about fifty of Sececa’s letters to Lucilius, an acolyte and fellow, budding Stoic. Death & Fortune These were the two dominant topics that we found in nearly every writing example we analyzed. If we […]
  24. Stewie the Stoic: Prosperity (8/2/2019) - [Quote courtesy of Seneca] [Although Seneca was a rich old bastard, we’ll have to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to understanding how one might separate one’s fortune from one’s pursuit of what he calls philosophy. In order to develop a “love of wisdom”, money need not influence one’s progress. Although, […]
  25. Stewie the Stoic: Failure (8/1/2019) - [Quotes provided by Seneca] [Up from the ashes, up from the ashes, grow the roses of success. Grow the ro, grow the ro, grow the roses… Sing it with me now.]
  26. Stewie the Stoic: Begin (7/31/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of a proverb that Seneca in turn quotes] [Seneca lays claim to Lucilius’ progress but reciprocates with the admission that merely beginning an undertaking, to become wise, good or content is far more important than one might think. Certainly, tenacity must see you through, especially in the face of adversity. But the most […]
  27. Stewie the Stoic: Originality (7/30/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca.] [Wouldn’t you know it. This whole fiasco has just been dis’d by the one dude to whom it all was dedicated. Ungrateful prat! Ah, well, you can’t win ’em all. You win some you lose some. Beggars can’t be choosers. Don’t look this gift horse in the mouth because one in […]
  28. Stewie the Stoic: Kill me now (7/29/2019) - [Quotes (like farts) courtesy of Seneca] [Annnnnnd, we’re back with death. Two more of Seneca’s letters to Lucilius slathered with thoughts of death and how it should be approached. I’m gonna skip any more thoughts of Mori from now on. So, hang in there.]
  29. Stewie the Stoic: Advice (7/28/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca] [Seneca advises Lucilius that were he to disseminate his wisdom en masse, that those he might affect would be barely help, than were he to single out a lone recipient and focus his persuasions upon them. Generally, like posting a blog to the world, those one might influence cannot be considered […]
  30. Wouldn’t it be fun – to believe (7/27/2019) - In anything. Everything. It doesn’t matter what. Believe in fairies, pink elephants, ET, fusion, equality or Gods (take your pick). Believing is what matters. It’s the charm that tingles your bones. It’s the glitter in your eyes, the spur that kicks you out of bed in the morning. Believing—in anything—would be a relief, a welcome […]
  31. Stewie the Stoic: Travel (7/27/2019) - [Quotes provided by Seneca] [Those who travel to escape, Seneca would tell you, bring their prisons with them. Traipsing  from place to place, tiring of one, yearning for the next, is evidence that one has not come to terms with one’s own understanding of peace within a place. Only those who might travel, or stay […]
  32. Stewie the Stoic: I die a little (7/26/2019) - [Quotes, this time, by Lucilius, Seneca’s acolyte.] [More momento mori thoughts, which we’ll end up seeing often, I’m afraid. But this one is not by Seneca. Seneca quotes his friend and confidant, Lucilius. Quote might be a strong word (as are all of these “quotes”) as I believe Seneca paraphrases the younger man’s words. Nonetheless, […]
  33. Stewie the Stoic: Joy (7/25/2019) - [Quotes by Seneca] [Ode to Joy. NOT! Seneca even puts constraints on feeling joy. He does relinquish some of his draconian control on this topic. But “joy” to him is more akin to absence of conflicting thoughts rather than that of a child’s-Christmas-morning joy. What I find that tempers Seneca’s oppressive views is that he […]
  34. Stewie the Stoic: Memento Mori (7/24/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca] [Just when we thought we’d never get to the tasty parts of Seneca… In this letter Seneca alludes, finally, to a noble death. Pleasantly, in getting to it, he gives us a few useful tidbits. The first is that the things we cherish, involve ourselves with, obsess over, can become chains: […]
  35. Stewie the Stoic: Appetites (7/23/2019) - [Quotes by Seneca] [Seneca quotes Epicurus incessantly. For contrast perhaps? Or maybe Seneca is a closet Epicurian? Here we examine just what we should allow in our indulgences and whether they verge on the extreme. Our bellies, Seneca would tell us, can be filled with gruel, and we should accept it. How often did Seneca […]
  36. Stewie the Stoic: Inner turmoil (7/22/2019) - [Quotes provided by Seneca] [Here, again, we enter into a discussion of “To thine own self be true.” Two things strike me as I continue to read Seneca’s letters to Lucilius 1) Seneca was acutely aware of his wealth and its affects on those he thought his friends and equals. 2) He continuously questioned the […]
  37. Stewie the Stoic: Debt (7/21/2019) - [Quotes by Seneca] [Lucilius is retiring — a wealthy man. Whom he chooses and befriends in retirement, what he may give them as he whittles down is possessions is spoken of. Seneca then speaks of how gifts should be bequeathed: “…consider that it is more important who receives a thing, than what it is he […]
  38. Who am I-I am who (7/20/2019) - I used to bound joyously over the pages of the ancient 1990’s internet, discovering this and that, delighting in what I found, where I meandered. That ability, that nostalgic stumbling is long gone—swallowed by the ugly corporate-ness that the internet has become. But there are times when serendipity prevails and the blog-o-sphere renders a hitherto […]
  39. Stewie the Stoic: Holiday (7/20/2019) - [Quotes offered by Seneca] [This sentiment arrives during the Saturnalia when the throngs have abandoned propriety and surrendered themselves to indulgences. Which, Seneca does not expressly  condemn. More than that, he embarks on explaining that there is much to be learned with living on little. Learning to accept and embrace frugality prepares one for when […]
  40. Stewie the Stoic: Wealth (7/19/2019) - [Quotes provided by Seneca] [Wealth is a burden, both its accrual and possession. Poverty is freedom. Siddhartha, The Buddha would agree.]
  41. Stewie the Stoic: Priorities (7/18/2019) - [Quotes by Seneca] [This quote comes from the thought that cowardice may spring from placing too high a value on one’s continued existence. There may come a time when courage is called for and sacrifice required. Holding one’s physical self in such high regard, cheapens the Stoic. Reduces him or her to petty concerns of […]
  42. Stewie the Stoic: Fortune (7/17/2019) - Stewie as Seneca exposes one of the core tenets of Stoicism here: It is not the world in control of you at your core—your self-realization; rather, it is you, yourself and how you receive and handle the world’s slings and arrows that determines your fate, your fortune. More importantly, the Stoic realizes that it is […]
  43. Stewie the Stoic: Copyright (7/16/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca]
  44. Stewie the Stoic: Aging (7/15/2019) - [Quotes by Seneca]
  45. Five to Five (7/14/2019) - Is it just me or has life become a singular struggle to get from one 5PM clock strike, to the next one the following day? No, it’s not quite five yet. Four thirty-two to be exact. As you can tell, I’m counting. Weekends are the worst. Weekdays I’m regulated by the fact that I’m physically […]
  46. Stewie the Stoic: Biological (7/14/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca] [These quotes come from the discussion that blushing is uncontrollable. Regardless of station, age or wisdom, a modest, shameful or angered blush cannot be controlled.]
  47. Stewie the Stoic: Duplicity (7/13/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca] [This irreverent post pokes fun at the concept of god while still exposing the underlying stoic attitude that the bare truth of one’s countenance should not be one of self-deception and duplicitous intent. One might consider the “God” in this quote as oneself.]  
  48. Stewie the Stoic: Perception (7/12/2019) - [Quotes provided by Seneca]
  49. Stewie the Stoic: Swayed (7/11/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca the Younger]
  50. Stewie the Stoic: Popularity (7/10/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca’s friend]
  51. Stewie the Stoic: Now (7/9/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca]
  52. Stewie the Stoic: Making friends (7/8/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca]
  53. Stewie the Stoic: Longevity (7/7/2019) - [Quotes by Seneca]
  54. WordPress: What’s up with India? (7/6/2019) - Anybody else notice this? I don’t pay much (any?) attention to these wordpress stats, but recently I happened to take a peek and behold, India is leading the hits. All last month and the months previous, too. How many of you are from India? Do chime in. Let us know what’s up with you and […]
  55. Stewie the Stoic: Squandering time (7/6/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca]
  56. Stewie the Stoic: Possessions (7/5/2019) - [Quotes provide by Seneca]
  57. Stewie the Stoic: Time (7/4/2019) - [Quotes courtesy of Seneca]  
  58. Science writing: To the point (7/4/2019) - If you’re going to write about science — get to the damn point. All I need is the highlights, the topics, the bullet points. And if there are pertinent details, make them brief and absent of flourish. So many of the literary news outlets publish narrative science articles that I’m afraid it’s become an art. […]
  59. It’s – in the Cloud (7/2/2019) - I’ve had to deal with Microsoft since the early 90’s. Most likely, unless you’re an Apple bigot, you have too. And I hate Microsoft. They’ve done like, three things right in their entire history: Windows NT, Visual Studio and Excel. When they decided to compete with Amazon in the “Cloud” they tried to be clever […]
  60. BodyScale: 0 to 100 (6/29/2019) - Celsius is great for science. 0 freezing, 100 boiling – perfectly logical. Fahrenheit is just bonkers. Totally screwball with no logic behind it whatsoever. But the problem with Celsius (we’ll disregard Fahrenheit due to irrelevance) is that Celsius has only one immediately human identifiable anchoring: 0 degrees freezing. At 100°, the boiling point of pure […]
  61. Duke’s: A Song in Your Mind (6/28/2019) - Originally posted on tin hats:
    love comes from many things, people, moments it’s like rain falling silent snow, nights one after another … breath held until you black out all of it pushing you underneath lost in those towns, those voices, inside bodies holding you, wanting you, most trying not to die you finally wake…
  62. Team building: Barriers (6/28/2019) - Remember that little thing I mentioned about leading our morning stand-up at work: Well, it’s been a stellar success. We’ve gone through nearly the entire list, one more day—today—and then someone else will take over the minor roll of leading this team’s morning meeting. And now, no one wants to take over. They like […]
  63. Writer’s Log: 2055 Needs vs wants (6/26/2019) - Every story told comes down to the most basic of themes: Characters attempting to fulfill wants and needs. (My wife actually personified the difference between a want and a need when she related her eighth Christmas telling her parents: I want a record player, but I need a wagon.) I went searching for inspiration along […]
  64. A tentless hobo (6/20/2019) - The 1993 gold Saturn that was stolen Monday, recovered Thursday morning, is back in its spot from which it was abducted, worse for wear in that the tiny geode is forever lost. That and $311 bucks and a whirlwind trip to fetch it out of hoc. Oh, did I mention that we gained a few […]
  65. Cops and Robbers (towing) (6/20/2019) - Good (maybe) news! Our 1993 gold Saturn was recovered, externally undamaged, by the Portland Police and towed by a towing company to its impound area. Now, for the privilege of having our car stolen, we get to pay $300 (today only) for the honor of having our car returned to us (and towed from there […]
  66. A thief in the day (6/18/2019) - Yesterday, between seven and nine pm, the old 1993 gold Saturn I bought new when my son was born was stolen from the covered spot right in front of the apartment in which my wife and I live. We could look out and see it there. California, Utah, Oregon—26 years old. The sun hadn’t even […]
  67. Writer’s Log: 2051 Names (6/15/2019) - For whatever reason, I put considerable thought into names of characters, places and things in my stories. When you read a name, you say it in your mind and if it’s wrong for the character, then I find myself stumbling over it every time I read it. When a name fits, you know it. Finding […]
  68. Your Favorite: a stand-up round (6/14/2019) - Where I’m working, we have morning stand-ups: a quick meeting where 10 -/+ of us round the room explaining yesterday’s and today’s tasks. Everyone takes a monthly turn at leading. June is my month. So, first off, I built a spinner to pick who goes first: Then, I provided a list of topics that each […]
  69. Writer’s Log: 2048 Disturbing Content (6/9/2019) - All of us can dream up some pretty ugly scenarios. Depraved, disturbing, deranged. I’d wager you could come up with some horrific scenes with some downright criminal activity. Stuff you’d feel you could never put to paper. So, how is it that some authors can actually write that stuff and not be thought of as […]
  70. Masturbating cockatiel (6/8/2019) - Enrique permanently dropped off his pet cockatiel, Perrico, a lovely male with an exceptional attitude. I lived with Tom, my twenties’ mentor, in a house in Marin County. Enrique worked for Tom and, for the time being, so did I. Tom never married, owned a Cessna, mined California gold, hunted in Montana and lived to […]
  71. CorpPharma: Evil Incarnate (6/6/2019) - A while ago I wrote the attached post which explains when open markets make sense (capitalism) and when social systems make sense (socialism): Subsequently, I was not surprised to find supporting evidence of this theory. The CorpPharm company Pfizer, recently exhibited the exact behavior outlined in that post: If a life saving, life benefiting […]
  72. I’ve fallen in love with your spirit (6/3/2019) - Let it be known that I’ve fallen in love with your spirit. Not you specifically. You could be the proverbial “no one knows you’re a dog on the internet.” (Not that you’re ugly or that you lick your privates, or beg for treats at inopportune times.) No, it’s not you, per se, for how can […]
  73. I am so tense (6/2/2019) - What the hell does Past Simple / Past Perfect / Past Continuous even mean? Oh, I’ve done the research, and *know* what their usage is. But what sucky names. • Renny held the chicken to the block, waited for it to calm and swung the cleaver neatly removing its head. To me I’d call this […]
  74. Writer’s Log: 2041 Two Points (6/1/2019) - No, this is not a basketball post. (Yes, this is just two hours — subjective time — after my last Writer’s Log. And I really did spend the time on my writing.) Point 1) The sense that I’ve progressed comes with the trepidation that I may regress. Point 2) The just-plain-raw-excitement I feel when sitting […]
  75. Writer’s Log: 2039 (5/30/2019) - No, I’m not quite back in the saddle. But, the nag I’m riding trods steady, buckless in fact. All I have to do is stay awake and vertical while she stumbles along, finds a creek, drinks her fill and gobbles some grass. Hopefully, both my ride and seat come together in a synchronous duet. Fuck, […]
  76. Good Villain: Good Hero (5/26/2019) - Less than a year ago I wrote this: Villains 1882 and promptly forgot about it. Age, decrepitude, life’s problems commandeering center stage — you know, excuses. Then, having begun YAAS (yet another apocalyptic story) I found myself stumbling along, hero in mind, a theme, a setting, an era but, I struggled to jell the story […]
  77. Built in obsolescence (5/25/2019) - DNA and the mechanisms of aging have been selectively engineered to maximize population growth and the saturation of an ecosystem by any and all species. We are born, grow, procreate, raise offspring and die. DNA depends on this cycle. If there were no natural selection of dominant (maximum ecosystem exploitation) species, then at some point, […]
  78. Memory = Imagination (5/16/2019) - Here’s an interesting thought: In order to remember anything, you must imagine it. Visualize this: a black-with-white-spots bowling ball, spinning on the tip of a pool cue held on the nose of a pink poodle, wearing Elton John garb and glasses, while peddling a stainless steel tricycle. Do you see it? Now, recall the inside […]
  79. Little Fears & Anonymole (5/12/2019) - Here’s to LittleFears and his tenacious passion for puns and evocative art.   The sight of the beast, the woman’s partner said, provoked childhood fears the likes of which he’d suppressed — through therapy — and would care not to have them resurface. The DI placed a hand on the young man’s shoulder. “But we […]
  80. Are games sports? (5/5/2019) - Over on Frank Solanki’s poetry blog: May The Test Match Win he used the word “sport” to describe games being played between rival teams. Now, the world over conflates the word “sport” with a game played with equipment (sticks, balls, gloves, etc.) on a field or court, constrained by rules and governed by referees. In a […]
  81. Writer’s Log: 2017 Jack (4/24/2019) - Writing is like: Riding a unicycle, on a guywire, juggling apples and alligators, while simultaneously, planning your next act, with seven other players, in a circus you’re designing for the next town, as you remain cycling to and froe, twisting a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue, which you spit into a glass […]
  82. On a happier note (4/22/2019) - Having commuted over it more times than I care to admit, I often thought of those who took the plunge.  
  83. Uber replaced with blockchain (4/13/2019) - [This was a naive post. What I envisioned was a location based “payment for service” concept like TaskRabbit but fully genericized. Rather like an all in one Paypal/Venmo + Uber/Lyft + Taskrabbit/Fivvr + Angieslist/Craigslist. An any-location “I need this — will pay $X for it” service that provides the means to connect providers with consumers. […]
  84. Writer’s Log: 2014 Criticism (4/9/2019) - Take this you worm! Your writing lacks… Everything. You use too many adverbs. You use handicapped dialog tags. You coat your characters with pointless attributes. You head-hop. You write in passive mode. You inject author-speak. You divert the action with inane description. Jeezus-bloody-christ, but you wear me OUT with your failure to focus on your […]
  85. Writer’s Log: 2013 Edge (4/7/2019) - You, the writer, are a razor slicing down through words to the tender page, leaving a gaping wound that is your story. Your blade can be dull and the cut you produce nothing but a bruise: bloated writing, wandering plot, pointless details, backstory, telling. Or your blade can be keen yielding a deep slice exposing […]
  86. Sex.Food.Rush.Chill (4/3/2019) - Sex.Food.Rush.Chill. What else is there? Really? Epicurus — that devil-dog from 300BCE — would have stepped back from such a statement. He would have shaken his head like a dog, olive oil and bits of sardine flying, his wang hanging out of his toga and said with authority — let’s party! Sex: If you’re not […]
  87. Silver Gypsy Maiden (4/3/2019) - The cafeteria hushed as Jacob strolled through the double doors. He glared at the cheer-table occupants, rolled his tongue across his teeth and made for the corner of the room. His back smoldered from stares of contempt. With a tilted chin he let his backpack fall and hit the table, trays rattled. Bethany cursed, “Watch […]
  88. The Day the Earth Died (3/30/2019) - I don’t often share such articles, but this one sticks out as critically important. It regards the KT moment, the end-of-days for Dino the Dinosaur. And what you’ll find is that it appears that a paleontologist has found evidence of the exact moment of the Chicxulub asteroid impact. — The KT event continues to […]
  89. How was your day? (3/29/2019) - In as few words possible describe your day. Don’t mistreat it. Don’t embellish. Extract its essence and stream it into our minds. ~~~ Go. ~~~ Our world spun its circular return. I blinked and woke up here, barely moved. Is this today or tomorrow? The rain would know. Soon drops will drown the dry tracks […]
  90. Emailing the dead (3/28/2019) - Dear Janice, Why haven’t you returned my emails? You don’t text me, nor twitter. What’s up? Hello? Janice? Google will never delete your account. It will continue to accumulate email long after you die. Consider all the accounts you will leave gathering correspondence years after your fingers have ceased to digitally transmit. The Archive of […]
  91. Alita: Battle Angel – loved it (3/16/2019) - My son and I went to see this movie — during the day — and we had the entire theater to ourselves. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the story or the history of this film. It was a great way to see it. We both loved it. My son didn’t know about the […]
  92. Why so many flavors? (3/16/2019) - [Flickr: Commons Image] Humans, in fact most animals, could survive given the bare essentials of nutrition: Some grains, some beans, some earthy greens and maybe a few eggs. Pretty basic, nearly tasteless stuff. So, why do we have such refined sensibilities with regards to taste (and smells)? There are literally millions of ingredients, spices, recipes, […]
  93. Writer’s Log: 2007 The Spiral (3/10/2019) - [REF: my comment on Zarah’s blog] I’m of a mind that, like many endeavors, the process of learning to write is a spiral. Learn -> apply -> review … Hopefully, at each loop, one expands the spiral outward with the assembled knowledge and skill from the inner circles. For writing, the complexity of the inner […]
  94. Point System: keeping score (3/3/2019) - We all live by and adhere to a bevy of social contracts. One of those contracts is the equity of gift exchange. If I take you for lunch, you must, eventually, take me for lunch — or breakfast, or drinks or… Whatever it is, it must roughly equal the value offered in the original transaction. […]
  95. Hummingbird miracle (2/24/2019) - We feed hummingbirds. It’s an easy thing to do and provides hours of viewing pleasure. I got to thinking about the mechanics of a hummingbird and had to wonder about some of the factors that go into allowing such a creature the ability to do what they do. For reference, a human eye-blink takes about […]
  96. Creation vs Discovery (2/16/2019) - Over there on The Memoir of a Writer, Zarah and I got into a discussion on the concept of creating anything “new.” She had her points and I had mine and in the end I believe the conversation boiled down to: are we just discovering “new” or are we creating “new?” During our exchange I […]
  97. Your ancestors survived (2/16/2019) - Yeah, when you think about it, your ancestors had to survive. But consider their lives, lives directly connected to you. The probabilities are extremely high that at least one of your: grandmothers died in child birth, grandfathers was killed by a wild beast, ancestors killed another human, ate mammoth, giant sloth, or wild auroch, slept […]
  98. Old and poor? Crime pays (2/1/2019) - Years ago I thought that if you were elderly and poor, homeless even, then committing a crime in order to go to prison (three squares, a bed, TV and mates to talk to) would be an ideal habitat. Turns out the Japanese are doing just this. See the comment below (link included). What else should […]
  99. Rare Earth: more evidence (1/27/2019) - I keep a running list of the reasons why we should consider Earth as rare in the Universe. Two additions I’ve recently added are this: • Theia’s impact delivered more than just iron and nickel to Earth’s core (producing an extra large magnetosphere) but also (probably) delivered additional carbon, nitrogen and sulfur — chemicals which, […]
  100. Grave of a child (1/6/2019) - I’ve stopped reading and writing. My kindle is chock full of “To Read”s yet, there they sit. I’ve got a dozen story ideas listed on a whiteboard each one glaring down at me. My blog inbox is bulging. My outbox is crickets. My fingers creak as I write these words. In fact, penning this post […]

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