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Stewie the Stoic: Wealth


[Quotes provided by Seneca]

[Wealth is a burden, both its accrual and possession. Poverty is freedom. Siddhartha, The Buddha would agree.]

Stewie the Stoic: Priorities


[Quotes by Seneca]

[This quote comes from the thought that cowardice may spring from placing too high a value on one’s continued existence. There may come a time when courage is call for and sacrifice required. Holding one’s physical self it such high regard, cheapens the Stoic. Reduces him or her to petty concerns of self-preservation.]

Stewie the Stoic: Fortune

Stewie as Seneca exposes one of the core tenets of Stoicism here: It is not the world in control of you at your core—your self-realization; rather, it is you, yourself and how you receive and handle the world’s slings and arrows that determines your fate, your fortune.


More importantly, the Stoic realizes that it is they and they alone who grasps the reins of reality.

We choose who we are.

Poorly or wisely, it makes no difference. It is the knowledge of the choosing that is the key.

“For our powers can never inspire in us implicit faith in ourselves except when many difficulties have confronted us on this side and on that, and have occasionally even come to close quarters with us. It is only in this way that the true spirit can be tested, – the spirit that will never consent to come under the jurisdiction of things external to ourselves.” — Seneca

Prosperity teaches nothing. Adversity alone instructs the Stoic. — Anonymole

[Quotes by Seneca. Interpretation by Anonymole]

[More… Once again, “God” here is more along the lines of a cosmic consciousness, not a deity….

“Perhaps someone will say: “How can philosophy help me, if Fate exists? Of what avail is philosophy, if God rules the universe? Of what avail is it, if Chance governs everything? For not only is it impossible to change things that are determined, but it is also impossible to plan beforehand against what is undetermined; either God has forestalled my plans, and decided what I am to do, or else Fortune gives no free play to my plans.” 5 Whether the truth, Lucilius, lies in one or in all of these views, we must be philosophers; whether Fate binds us down by an inexorable law, or whether God as arbiter of the universe has arranged everything, or whether Chance drives and tosses human affairs without method, philosophy ought to be our defence. She will encourage us to obey God cheerfully, but Fortune defiantly; she will teach us to follow God and endure Chance. 6 But it is not my purpose now to be led into a discussion as to what is within our own control, – if foreknowledge is supreme, or if a chain of fated events drags us along in its clutches, or if the sudden and the unexpected play the tyrant over us; I return now to my warning and my exhortation, that you should not allow the impulse of your spirit to weaken and grow cold. Hold fast to it and establish it firmly, in order that what is now impulse may become a habit of the mind.”


Stewie the Stoic: Copyright


[Quotes courtesy of Seneca]

Stewie the Stoic: Aging


[Quotes by Seneca]

Five to Five

Is it just me or has life become a singular struggle to get from one 5PM clock strike, to the next one the following day?

No, it’s not quite five yet. Four thirty-two to be exact. As you can tell, I’m counting.

Weekends are the worst. Weekdays I’m regulated by the fact that I’m physically not in possession of an inebriation inducing intoxicant. I walk to and from work. When I arrive home—yup, at approximately 5:00:00 PM, I head straight for the bottle. Am I sick? Probably. Do I care? Fuck no.

So what? It’s the grind. The slog. The dirge that I march to for hours, days, years on end. It wears me out. A shot and a beer (a quality beer, mind you) and I’m fine. For an hour or two. And then the clock starts ticking again…

On the weekends, I force myself to hold the floodgates back until the appointed moment when the Fred Flintstone whistle would have blown, had this been a Monday, or a Friday. It’s the least I can do.

When is your five o’clock? Do you have one? What pleasure do you restrain from, building the anticipation until it’s just too much to take?


Stewie the Stoic: Biological


[Quotes courtesy of Seneca]

[These quotes come from the discussion that blushing is uncontrollable. Regardless of station, age or wisdom, a modest, shameful or angered blush cannot be controlled.]