Why the Universe, Gulp says Gator

Wouldn’t it be simpler if the Universe didn’t exist?

All things being equal, the existence of the Cosmos adds way more complexity to a zero-state system. Before the Big Bang, the Nothing had no reason to complicate matters and spawn a sticky, messy, chaotic New-Thing. Why bother? Why add the burden of all that extra stuff when no stuff could have continued much more easily? Ugh. Now all this stuff is here and it’s all jumbled up, trying to spread out, trying to self-organize, trying to make sense of a thing that makes no sense.


Monkey gets sick and dies. But, he’s not dead, only comatose. Still, they bury him.

Coyote digs him up and Monkey goes for a ride on the back of Coyote.

Coyote gets hit by a car and Monkey hangs around talking to Vulture.

But Eagle hates Vulture and when he sees him, swoops down screaming. Monkey has never heard of Eagle and sees a chance to take another ride. Whoosh, off they go.

Eagle flies so high that Monkey can no longer see the Earth. Thinking this must be Heaven he lets go and lands on Cloud. Cloud likes visitors and Monkey and she begin a game of Pareidolia.

That’s a Volcano, says Monkey. No, it’s a Gaia zit, says Cloud.

Gross, says Monkey and tires of the game. Fuck you, says Cloud and promptly drops Monkey into the swamp where Gator has been waiting for lunch.

Hi, says Monkey. Gulp, says Gator.

Lo, Saturnalia

Just a ditty tossed out amongst the dross of logging activity metrics and channeling error messages into PagerDuty (oh what a bane on society that thing is!)

(Starts like JingleBells…)

Lo, Saturnalia
On Saturnalia go,
Out into the snow,
Take your master’s clothes,
And wear them like your own.

Drag your keg of beer,
To the bonfire burning near,
Lift your mug on high,
and raise your voice in cheer.

Ohhhh, the old year dies,
the new year’s born,
the gods are smiling down.
Saturn on his lofty throne,
is baying like a hound.

The ol’ yule log,
the roasting hog,
the gifts to loved ones dear,
are demonstrated, celebrated
to last throughout the year.

Dear Mudge: Hot Ones

Hey Mudge,

I know you enjoy television style production and so I just wanted to share a couple of YouTube videos that were some of the best, I thought, in honest television production. I include EweToob as a TV platform because, come on, it’s passively watching some production video, right? And… I watch it on my damn TV.

The first one, which I just finished watching, is Elijah Wood who does such an incredible job as a guest that my respect for the man and his history shot up a hundred fold, at least.

The next is the same show, but with Matt Damon, who is just as polite and gracious. Kudos to both of these fellows.



Sisyphus’ map of tiny, perfect things

I’ve posted about Albert Camus’ philosophy regarding Sisyphus and how imagining him happy is a way to look at one’s own mundane, plodding life.

And I’ve also mentioned how Groundhog Day’s Phil Connors embodies Sisyphus.

Nice artwork, eh?

Well, I recently watched a campy, but fairly endearing story that takes both of those themes and includes them in the script.

“The Map of Tiny, Perfect Things” (Amazon Prime) does a pretty good job of depicting the trope of being stuck in the same day for eternity. It may not be worth watching more than once (like Bill Murray’s film), but it’s worth at least one viewing.

What struck me, of course, is that this connection I’d made between Phil Connors being Sisyphus was one I’d shared prolly four years ago. And it was cool to see the theme exposed in a film.

There’s the map of perfect things (places)


Clubbed — a card game

Roughly ten years ago, my daughter and I came up with a new card game. We were into table games and exploring various card games at the time. A few years later we decided to submit the game to a site that collected such things. Years later, they finally posted the game and referenced us in the notes. Years after that, a few months ago, in fact, Mark (referenced below) contacted me, had found the game and wanted to produce a video. This is his excellent effort.

Strange how things you post online catch up with you sometimes.