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The Gribble’s Eye: Cover assembly

Progress with a capital “P”

Dave Cline - lost and found

The cover is taking shape.


With the chiseled stone “Eye” that I tapped into the patio in the back, we’ve begun our trek that leads through the forest to the glade where there blooms a sun drenched pool of possibility.

The “Eye,” as Widowcranky has insisted, must be a real physical object, else the treatment will appear cheapened. I wholeheartedly agree.

Ergo, I’ve begun, and hopefully have found, a source for the “Eye.”

Megan has told me she can create an “Eye” of the right color, size and intensity that will lend the cover image that “Whoa, this is real,” impression to readers.

So, I’m discussing the manufacture of such an Eye with an eye toward, perhaps, creating a channel to have Gribble’s Eyes available for sale to readers. Wouldn’t that be fun? For the 1.3 of you who have read the story (I have an epub or mobi…

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Fiction: knowledge kills it

I spend some time over on Scrib-O-defile (which is a pretty good collaborative community for getting your writing critiqued — among other things. The moderators are draconian and the owner is an enigma. Anyway…)

I batted around the concept of what irked me (or anyone) about Science Fiction tropes.

I happened upon a thought, my own, that pretty much boils down to: “the more you know, the less fiction is plausibly possible.”

My offering over there:

“Truth stranger than fiction” certainly comes to mind when it comes to Sci-Fi.

I’ve read a barrel full of Sci-Fi in my days. The stuff that was utterly outside the realm of reality — I loved that. But lately, as I realize the fallacy of “aliens” I’ve become more of a “probable” Sci-Fi kind of guy. What is the “probable” future of science and discovery?

Frankly, I lament my Sci-Fi youth. The 60’s – the 90’s were the “if you can imagine it, we can write it into a story,” period. Card, Foster, Farmer, Asimov, Laumer, Dick, and dozens of others filled my mind with fantastical beings and worlds.

Today? Bah! Starwars is just so much crap science and lame plots now. StarTrek? I enjoy the hell out of Chris Pine, but the reality of it? Ugh! Probabilistic bogosity.

It seems that the more we know, the less fiction can soar beyond our minds. Imagine once we know 1000 x’s what we know today (in about 20 years)? What “fiction” could we possibly entertain that didn’t feel completely false and contrived?

A poor wizard?

How is it possible that the Weasleys in the Harry Potter universe — are poor?

Most likely, Rowling didn’t pay enough attention to cogent world building. She told a great (7 great) stories, and that’s was enough.

Specifically for the Weasleys, of course they wouldn’t want to be poor, or seen as being poor (“Let me guess, hand-me-down robes… you must be a Weasley!”)

A true, cogent Potterverse would not support such income disparity — magic would cure this for everyone. And specifically for the Weasleys, as clever as they are (all of them, in fact), they would have figured out how to grow their wealth.

But Jeanne needed a poor, put-upon family, so, there you have it.

I’d say that Potter magic, above all magics in fiction, would be the least likely to harbor poverty, however one measures it. It’s just too easy to use magic, in some way, to better one’s life-style.

Holiday songs

I wrote a few songs and posted them last year. I share them again here.

Note, these are the lyrics to what never became songs. So, they’re tuneless. If you know someone with musical talent and they’d like to write the music… Feel free to share.

And because I’d rather not just repeat myself, I’ll tap out a new one…

~~~ Christmas Boxes ~~~

From the boxes in the basement,
from the attic, from the shelves,
come the treasures, and the trinkets,
of past Santa’s Christmas elves.

There are lights all snarled and tangled,
balls and baubles, and tinsel tied,
the colored candles and tarnished holders,
from last Christmas, stowed with pride.

And this box here, the one with ribbons,
has the snow globes, Rudolph dear,
but one has leaked, its glitter powdered,
we’ll get a new one, and shed no tears.

There at the bottom, a color riot,
ornaments both gay and calm,
with photos faded, and pasta mated,
a poem penned, a phrase, a psalm.

All of theses boxes, taped and beaten,
contain our memories, our stockings too,
Unpack the holiday, our decorations,
Happy Christmas from me to you.

Writer’s Log: 1359

Continuing the sharing tradition.

Shadow Shoals 1.3:

If you have beta reading you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to announce it. I’m happy to spend an hour or two in trade, periodically.

City Afloat – Part One – a teaser

When the waves settle, and the dappled sea shimmers like silver cloth, there are the tales of ages past…

Dave Cline - lost and found

City Afloat

Part One

~ Flood ~

barrelRaft“Baba, tell us again.”

The wee ones scurried about the woven planks like hermit crabs. Every night it is the same; Baba, tell us the story of how we came to be. Only the little ones beg so. The older ones, those more than seven or eight, slip like eels from the hut when I begin the story. They know better. They know the why of it. And that knowledge has settled in their hearts like stones. Stones to drown them.

“Once there was earth, rich and brown, almost black, like night, like a shadow beneath the high, bright sun. And this earth was like the sea; it stretched further than you could see. And on this earth, and in it too, grew the food. Life. Well, life of a different sort, life made from green not silver.”

The wee ones knew that…

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A Hot Beverage

How about a spicy soda?

I was daydreaming, again, and came up with these, what do you think? (my lame Photoshop skills at work…)

Cap Cola

Which uses capsaicin — the same chemical in chilies or peppers that make them hot.
“A volcano in your mouth”


Pepper Pop


Which uses piperine — the chemical in black pepper.
“A spicy dance in your mouth”


Waz’ UP soda

That uses  allyl isothiocyanate from the Wasabia Japonica,
“A punch in the mouth”



And lastly (no image)

Ginger SNAP Soda: with gingerols from, well, ginger root of course.