Writer’s Log: 2377 Day dreaming

In my 10,000 hour long pursuit of learning to write well, I’m up to hour 2377.


When I’m in the groove, I realize that writing is intentional day dreaming. When there is flow, when the setting and characters are vivid in my imagination and I’m immersed in their story, it’s like being there with them. Day dreaming.

I love me the hell out of nighttime dreams. For whatever reason, my brain treats me to some far-out fantastical adventures in places and with people (and creatures) I regret abandoning when consciousness returns. Oh please, let me drift back to that dream state… Yeozzer, what a righteous tart she was. And that bi-plane flight, wicked! And that buffet on the space station…

Because real life sucks the hind tit covered with shit, the next best thing, consciously speaking, is writing—in the groove—being there in my day dream imagination. Of course, it’s not all licorice, smoked oysters and dark ale. Flow-state is often hard to come by. But lately, as I’m writing these SepSceneWriMo episodes, I’ve been able to slip-stream and enjoy wide-eyed fantasies.

Is writing like that for you guys? But don’t just comment. Write a favorite scene and share it, now or later…

Writer’s Log: 2350

  • February: Crawled out of my cave, looked around and crawled right back in.
  • March: Bah!
  • April: Still nope.
  • May: Fingers itching, must be vaccine side-effects.
  • June: Fuck me. Alright, alright, just quit squeezing my frontal lobe.

[Back cover blurb]

A-Nihilists: Tribe of Annihil-Nation

Members of a growing anti-society movement continue to expand their attacks against anyone and everyone. If you believe in anything, God, morals, society, human rights, animals rights, Save-the-Planet, free school lunches — you are a target. A-Nihilists are here to destroy you and everything you believe in. They live solely to convince you of the absurdity of existence.

Kamus joined at fifteen. His first act involved the explosive destruction of an I-15 bridge that spanned the Virgin River in St. George, Utah. It didn’t go well. He and his partners underestimated the concussive power of one-hundred pounds of ANFO (ammonium nitrate & fuel oil). But mostly, it was the too-short fuse Kam had used on the M-80 that detonated the makeshift dynamite.

Mistakes are often the best teachers. That is, if you can survive them.

Years later, that first lesson became a seed of doubt.

“If my purpose is showing you your purpose is bullshit…”