More pics from my artist friend

Had to share, especially the raid…

The story, as I’ve mentioned, is a continuation of my first novel. It’s called Red into the Sea, (the first was called Blue across the Sea). And yeah, in my delusional euphoria after finishing the first book I planed a whole color scheme series… Silly me.

This is Simon who holds a dying Emily. Due to her death, and the circumstances, he gets twisted with revenge and becomes “Synoc” leader of the Reno Reds.

Later, Synoc and his band of brigands raid, murder and burn the town of Cordero, their goal to steal child slaves.

Survey Results: Story Memorable


  1. WordPress surveys SUCK.
    Votes are not persisted per session/IP cookie. Lame!
  2. Most folks who visited did NOT vote.
    (9 of those votes below were mine).
  3. None of the 8 folks who actually voted thought dialog or setting was memorable (all 6 below are me).

It’s clear that anyone who “liked” but didn’t vote did-not-visit. How could you see this page and NOT vote? So, they obviously didn’t visit.

A survey, however, is a good way to determine who “drive-by” likes from some UI that doesn’t present the page (Reader or phone app).