More pics from my artist friend

Had to share, especially the raid…

The story, as I’ve mentioned, is a continuation of my first novel. It’s called Red into the Sea, (the first was called Blue across the Sea). And yeah, in my delusional euphoria after finishing the first book I planed a whole color scheme series… Silly me.

This is Simon who holds a dying Emily. Due to her death, and the circumstances, he gets twisted with revenge and becomes “Synoc” leader of the Reno Reds.

Later, Synoc and his band of brigands raid, murder and burn the town of Cordero, their goal to steal child slaves.

Survey Results: Story Memorable


  1. WordPress surveys SUCK.
    Votes are not persisted per session/IP cookie. Lame!
  2. Most folks who visited did NOT vote.
    (9 of those votes below were mine).
  3. None of the 8 folks who actually voted thought dialog or setting was memorable (all 6 below are me).

It’s clear that anyone who “liked” but didn’t vote did-not-visit. How could you see this page and NOT vote? So, they obviously didn’t visit.

A survey, however, is a good way to determine who “drive-by” likes from some UI that doesn’t present the page (Reader or phone app).

A vignette – loneliness

Dave Cline - lost and found

Five subway trains had stopped, disgorged and consumed meals of commuters and tourists then eased their silent weight into the westbound tunnel, vanishing like wraiths. Sounds of the sixth train echoed its arrival. However, the blast of warm air, pushed in front, went unnoticed. Mr. Derby Lough sat tucked in his herringbone coat and gloves, now and then hovering a hand over the cardboard box sitting next to him on the bench. The size and weight of a hearty loaf of bread—the kind with seeds that his wife said was ‘so much more healthy’—the box had his name and address printed in the corner, even though he’d had to pick it up in person. His hand hovered again. It came close, but never touched its surface.

“Hey, wasn’t you in that same spot, lease two hours ago?”

Mr. Lough placed his hand in his lap and tilted his head up…

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NVDT #61 – Make Sense, Goddammit

Mr. Huston has provided a tasty meal made from the half-baked, moldy victuals he collected from this site. Thanks Phil.

Not Very Deep Thoughts

 I was going to put this off, but it’s time for another discussion of mechanics. If only for me.

I complain a lot about scene-setting. And paragraph construction. What I’d like to do is what we did back in freaking high school. Dissect a passage of literature to discover its mechanics. Most people I engage with these days have no idea what I’m talking about. “Show Don’t Tell” with stilted, unimaginative call and response dialog is the main topic of discussion. Or compositional cut-and-paste sectionality. That’s a made-up word, sectionality. I figure it’s okay because the other day I watched a video where a hotshot DJ demoed a piece of software. He used a made-up word for a feature that’s been around longer than he’s been alive. If someone more literate, or even one working off phonics, went looking for that feature? They would never find it. Never mind. I…

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